University of Southern Maine: ABSN, Summer 2011!

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    Just checked on Firefox as my Internet Explorer wasn't loading the Portal... found out online I got into USM for their ABSN program that would start this summer! Anyone else hear some good news? At least now I know I'm going SOMEWHERE for nursing!

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    I did too!! I've been totally applied since September, and I have been checking it a little too often....but just found it today while I was in class! I'm just so excited that I am accepted somewhere (its the first school I've heard back from)!
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    Mef -- congrats. Me too Where else did you apply? It's such a relief to know I got in somewhere ya know? No back up plan scrambling!
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    I applied a lot of places actually...I kind of went overboard, just because I was so worried about not being accepted. I also didn't apply to a whole lot of colleges and didn't have too many options when I did have to make a choice, and I didn't want to do that again.

    I applied to just ABSN programs and also combined BSN/MSN Nurse-Midwifery specialty programs.
    ABSN: USM, UMass--Amherst, NYU, UMiami, SUNY Stony Brook, SUNY Downstate
    Combined: Seattle U, Vanderbilt, Johns Hopkins

    Where else did you apply? Congrats, and good luck!!
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    awesome! How were your grades? I already have a master's, so I applied with a 3.69 undergrad, and 3.87 M.S. GPA. Also run rescue squad as an EMT for 3 years (volunteer), and maybe a 3.38 in pre-reqs (working full time too).

    Where is USM on your "list"?
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    I'm applying straight out of undergrad (3.89 GPA) and shadowed two independent practice midwives while I studied abroad in Cape Town and really changed my whole life plan. I was planning to go into maternal and child public health, and was really passionate about midwifery care, but didn't think that I actually would be a midwife. Then I saw my first birth, and I guess the rest is history

    I really think its going to come down a lot to financial aid for me. Although I would love to go into a combined program and not have to reapply to graduate schools, all three of them are really expensive and totally out of reach without serious scholarships. So I guess I will just have to wait and see.

    I do love Portland though, and one of my best friends lives there. I also really like that I would have the opportunity to go to the Dominican Republic for one of the clinical rotations. I really loved being out of the country, I (obviously) learned a lot!

    What about you?
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    USM is #2, with a tie with VCU and Duke. Duke though is I think a little out of my grasp both admission wise, but also financially. I don't think in good faith I could think I would be able to afford the probably 80K in loans it would be ultimately for the program. USM is definitely more financially sound, and I actually like the idea of a smaller program. So we'll see. I'd be happy going to any of the aforementioned places -- hence why I applied. We'll see. I do have family that lives in NH so it would be nice to be close to them too -- so we shall see I suppose.

    From what I've read about years past, I was so afraid about if I would get in -- last year they had over 250 or something applicants for 30 or so spots.Sheesh!
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    I just got my official letter today, and we have to commit by January 15th!!!

    I won't find out if I'm accepted anywhere else by then! I have no idea what I'm going to do. I can't believe we have to commit that fast, and without getting our financial aid. Womp womp.
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    sheesh--- I haven't gotten my letter yet since I'm house sitting. I'm in the same boat... maybe it's worth calling tomorrow to ask them what can be done? I saw on my student portal it's $100 deposit. you probably could pay that, and if you backed out, you're just out $100. but I would call and ask them about it... I mean what is the worst they could say?
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    Mef, have you heard from anywhere else? I paid my deposit, and figure I'll just lose it if I get into VCU.

    Best of wishes,

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