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Just wondering if there are any people applying for the new ABSN program at University of New England in Portland Maine. I am also interested in knowing if there are any current/past students who could comment on the nursing... Read More

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    Mcobbey and Eliz7854

    Would love to talk to you both more. Looking forward to starting the program. I was between UNE and a program in western NY that is 12 months long. UNE was always my first choice for a number of reasons. The location, small class size, and the length of the program.

    FYI I just started a group on fb (UNE ABSN Class of 2014) for the class. Please join And Eliz7854 I'll email you.
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    Just thought I would leave a comment! I also am in the first ABSN cohort! I came across the country so it was a big move, but definitely the best decision! The school is amazing, the faculty is so knowledgeable and they really try and get to know each and every student. I like the clinicals placements so far and the clinical instructors have been amazing as well. There have been a few kinks, but it is to be expected with a new program. Congrats on the acceptance you won't regret it!!
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    Hey guys, I was just accepted into the UNE accelerated school of nursing class of 2014. I am excited and looking forward to starting in December. Just wondering if people are looking for apartments? I tried looking for the group on Facebook but doesn't seem to be there
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    Congrats! Very exciting. I made a facebook group over the weekend. It's titled UNE ABSN Class of 2014. It might not pop up because I'm the only one in it. haha.

    Email me at Emily.Strumpf@gmail.com or friend me on facebook so I can invite you to the group. That goes for everyone else as well

    Yes I will be looking for an apartment and roomates as well. Probably going up sometime in November to check it out.

    Excited to meet everyone!
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    Congrats to you all on your acceptance!! Be prepared to "hold on" once you start in December. This train moves fast, but I think it's well worth it in the end. Portland is a nice area and has lots to do during your down time.
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    Did anyone else get accepted into the program starting next month? If so, you all should join the group on Facebook!
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    Hi! I got in. I tried to find the group on facebook, but couldn't find it. My email address is pierce_abby@yahoo.com. Could you send me an invite?

    Thanks! Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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    I made a new group for our class. The other one didn't seem to be working. The new one is called University of New England ABSN class of 2014.

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    I just got into the UNE Accelerated program for 2014 as well. Is this the first or second cohort the school has ever done?
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    This will be the third cohort. I graduated in May from the first cohort.

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