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Just wondering if there are any people applying for the new ABSN program at University of New England in Portland Maine. I am also interested in knowing if there are any current/past students who could comment on the nursing... Read More

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    Quote from Med Research11
    SON - I finally have some news. I was told that a prereq class was greater than 5 years old. Just over 5 years actually. I am in the process of having the time requirement waived for admission. Otherwise, I may be taking a class this fall
    Hey Med Research11,

    Did you have to retake the course or did admissions waive it?

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    Hey SON!!

    Unfortunately, I am taking a human development class online. I get to complete the course at my own pace though which is a benefit. Good to hear from you. I am still quite suprised that no other people have posted about acceptances yet. We may have a small class!!
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    One other person did from Oregon I'm glad that you will be able to finish the class sooner. At least your in
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    I guess I didn't see the post regarding the person from Oregon. Oregon is quite a big move!! Three is still a small class, but I am sure there will be more people. Have you visited the area at all yet? You must be moving pretty soon?
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    Yes, Im from California so we are both in the same boat. I have not visited yet. Im planning of going in November to look for a place to live and check out the area. Super scared!!!
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    Its not scary here. In fact Portland is our biggest city and you will probably think its tiny compared to other places. If your visiting in November I recommend you bring some warm clothing. Its going to chilly!!
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    Thank you Med_Research11,

    Do you know anything about the student housing at Bayside village?
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    I have never lived at Bayside Village nor do I know anyone who has lived there. Having said that, I do know where it is and a little bit about the area. The building itself is right next to the highway, so it may be a little noisy espicially in the mornings and evenings during morning commutes. The complex is maybe a few miles from the UNE campus in Portland, but USM is pretty much right across the street and there is a library which I am sure you could utilize. Many stores and shops are close by which will make it pretty convenient. There is also a Planet Fitness very close to the building which may be good for reducing stress .

    The only other info which may or may not play into your decision...The route between Bayside Village and UNE can be pretty slow going during certain hours of the day. Once you become familiar with the area you can find alternate routes. I am probably forgetting some information, but I hope this helps. If anything should come to my mind I will be sure to post it for your reference.
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    Thank you so much!!!
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    Have you guys started the program? If so, what do you think? I am considering applying there and any and all info would be greatly appreciated!!


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