UNE ABSN Spring 2012

  1. Hello there I thought I would start a thread to see if there is anybody outhere who has been accepted and is going to UNE for the ABSN program. It would be nice to get to know some people before we start the program.
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  3. by   ORJH4
    I was accepted for the Spring 2012 semester as well! Did you send in your deposit? Have you heard much about the program??? I am excited!!
  4. by   SON14
    Hi!!!! Finally someone replied haha. Yes I send in my deposit! What I have heard so far is that the program is 17 months. Orientation is Dec 16 and first day of class is Dec 19th. Tuition is about 66K. 6k for winter and 15K for the other semesters. It is a new program and they are accepting about 21 students. Congrats!!! Are you from Maine?
  5. by   ORJH4
    Oh wow 21 students, that's small! I am actually from Oregon! Eek so far away! Where are you from?? Have you visited?? Have you applied other places?
  6. by   SON14
    Oh wow!!! Im your neighbor from California!!! I applied to Regis University, University of Rochester and UMDNJ. I got accepted to UMDNJ and declined. Program didn't seem that organized. I was places on the alternate list for Regis and I haven't heard from Rochester. What about you? Are you set on UNE? I like the fact that it's only 21 students more attention and personal. I am planning on visiting in November. I need to find a place to live and find my way around. I'm really excited but also scared.
  7. by   ORJH4
    No way so close!! I applied to University of Colorado Denver, Washington State, University of Washington...I like the 21 student factor as well. I need to visit and find a place as well I know very little about the area and the school! Portland sounds nice though Where did you do your undergrad?? Are you a recent graduate?
  8. by   SON14
    I went to Santa Clara University and I graduated in 2009. What about you? Are you set on UNE or are you still waiting to hear back from the other schools? Maybe we can even find a place together?

    The school is a Private University, very expensive but a good a school. They are known for their health majors. I spoke to admissions and they said that the current BSN program has a passing rate around 90% on the NCLEX-RN exam. So they are confident this new program will do as good. The school is small there are two campuses and the Portland Campus is close to USM and to downtown Portland. hope that helps.
  9. by   ORJH4
    I went to the University of Oregon and graduated in 2010! I am pretty set on UNE! And yeah! Have you started looking at places yet? I have seen some on craigslist and the University's off campus housing search. I dont know what your price range is or what your looking for but I found this place, https://baysidevillagemaine.com/index.php, its nice because its fully furnished (which would be nice because the program is so short I most likely wouldn't be lugging my furniture across the country). Do you have a facebook?
  10. by   SON14
    Thanks I'll check that out! And I messaged you on how to find me on fb
  11. by   SON14
    Just checked it out! 749/mo not bad because it includes everything and it is furnished! Good deal! thanks

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