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I have wanted to move to the Maine area for years. We just moved to North Carolina, and I hate it. Between cost of living, ants, the heat, and the attitudes, I can't handle it. And the unemployment!!!! But I have always... Read More

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    The cost of living in Maine can be expensive as compared to other places in the country. The housing market is going through the roof and renting isn't exactly cheap anymore. The Augusta area is a nice area. You are about 1 hour from Portland if you want to go shopping but close to downeast coast also if you want to go for the day to the coast. There are several small towns that are nice around Augusta. There are also several hospitals in the area that you could apply to-- Maine General Augusta Campus, Maine General Waterville campus, Inland, Togus, but also loads of homehealth and clinics. I guess it all depends on what you want to do for nursing.

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    Hey There. I am looking into going to NMCC for the 2yr RN program, and am an out of stater. I have some family in the area (great aunt etc) Just wondering what the rent/housing costs are like, if anyone knows what worklife at County is like, and did/does anyone go to NMCC? Thanks in advance guys!
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    If you are worried about finding a job for your husband, you may want to locate around Portland. Also there is a large hospital in Bangor.

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