Moving to Maine, need Employment ideas/advise

  1. Hello. I'm finishing my LPN courses this month, and I'm considering moving to Biddeford area in Maine, next fall to pursue the UNE (University of New England) RN program there. However, I don't know what the job market is like out there for an LPN/LVN, as well as the pay, and cost of living. I'd like some thoughts from some of you that work in that state or from around that area. Thanks

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  3. by   seaspray700777
    Well it pretty much depends on how long you have been a LPN and wheather you want to work in a clinic or DRs office. Hospital on the most part dont hire LPNs. Where are you moving from? LTC care will pay you the most in Maine if you are willing to do that. I know the town you said you were moving to is in great need for Nurses so you shouldnt have any problem finding a job. It is a populated area.
    Feel free to private e-mail me. I live in the mid-coast area in Maine.:typing
    Sorry I just re-read your post. You are just graduating as a LPN. Still you should not have any problem if you are willing to look around, and like I said Biddeford is a busy place.
  4. by   Zouker
    Hello. Thanks for your response. I'm moving up from Charlottesville, VA... small college town in Central VA. If things are as you say they are then I guess I have no course to worry then. I'm pretty sure I'll probably be doing LTC as that's what I'm doing here now, but would like to do something in a hospital just to gather some more experience. Now- are winters and all that bed as I presume them to be, i.e., will an all-wheel-drive vehicle be a necessity? And how's the cost of living up there? Let me know when you get a chance, please. Thanks again.
  5. by   seaspray700777
    Hi Zouker: The winters vary last winter we had alot of snow. If you have snow tires or even better studed snow tires you should be ok. Just always leave alot of time to go to work. You might be able to work in a Doctors office as well as LTC. THe cost of living up here is very high. Although I believe that Bidderford is more inner city. If it would help, I dont know if you will be renting an apartment or buying a home. Heat is the most expensive thing you will probably have to buy. I live in a two bedroom home on the first floor and I went through a 500 gallon tank. Equal to $1500 a winter and I had to put more in, in March. If you are thinking about renting try to get one with heat included. Another way to see how expensive the rents are in Biddorford is go online and find a Biddorford newspaper and look at the rentals, it will give you some idea of the prices. I live in Mid-coast maine and the rents for 2 bedroom homes run about 1000 a month with nothing included.
    Good luck,
    If any more questions i will be happy to help

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