Maine RN Salary

  1. I am a current nursing student in the Portland area and am trying to get a solid answer on nursing salary as I seem to find alot of conflicting information. Most sites list average salary as $58,000 but then I have also seen $20-22 per hour. Any insight would be much appreciated.
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  3. by   nursekate8
    Hi There,

    I am answering this question several years later, but it might be helpful for others. I worked at SMHC in Biddeford as a new grad and made $24.12 hourly as a new grad working full time (36hours) on the night shift, starting 2013. Salary was not negotiable. Raises are rare and fairly dismal. Gross income was about $3,964 monthly, but net pay was $2,826 monthly after all deductions. Maine Medical Center will pay slightly more than all other MaineHealth hospitals.

    Hope that helps!