CMMC Maine Current students or hopefuls?

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    Hi! I have just finished my application to CMMC school of nursing in Lewiston, ME. I am just wondering if there are any other 2011 applicants or even current students out there, hoping we could talk. Current applicants, just wondering what you did for your essay, what you felt about the Kaplan test, and how you feel about your chances this year.. current students, can you tell us about your experience getting in? Did it take more than one try? How is the program so far? Thanks!! Hope to find you guys out there!

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    bump.............................................. .....anyone out there?
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    Yes, I am in the same boat, but I probably won't be any help to you. I'm not sure what their acceptance rate is or what criteria they look at the most, but that is what I'm most curious about at this point. Most likely, I'll only ever find out whether I make the cut or not.

    I thought the Kaplan test was alright. Comparing it to the NET test, the questions on the Kaplan were more pre-nursing-specific. The NET had some geometry, electrical circuit, and thermodynamics questions, for example. The Kaplan stuck to anatomy- and physiology-type science and math problems that you might find in dosage calculations. And the reading and writing, well they were about what I would expect to see on a reading or writing test. On the NET, the reading questions were far more difficult, where I felt you had to choose the best shade of grey so to speak, and I found the time limit on the reading very restrictive. On the Kaplan, the answers were more clear cut and I had plenty of time. On the Kaplan, I got the most questions wrong on the science section by far, because you either knew those answers or you didn't. But it doesn't matter if one section is particularly hard, because they are looking at your overall score (I think). Ultimately I scored in the same percentile on both tests, but some people might not.

    Outside of the application process, the main thing I'm wondering about the CMMC program is why their failure rate has increased from 25% to about 50% in the last several years. Are they admitting more people and therefore getting a little less picky? Or, has the program gotten tougher? If I'm accepted I'll probably ask them myself before deciding how many regular hours, if any, I'll work in the fall.
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    so have you heard? I got my letter today , I'm in :-)
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    Just checked, and the letter was there, but they don't want me. They offered some kind of wait-list deal, in case some other students don't attend. It doesn't say if they sent that to everyone or not. Looks like I will be going to my second choice, SMCC, either next spring or next fall. I'm not thrilled, but I knew this wasn't a sure thing as my academic history is far from perfect.
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    I got my acceptance letter on the 16th too. I was wondering how the class schedule works at cmmc. I took all of my prerequisite classes through uma and only need the nursing courses. Has anyone else done just the nursing classes. I am really excited to get started, nervous about working and going to school.
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    Tmcd- I am sorry you didnt get it! :-( however I do have a friend that didnt get accepted and she was not offered a spot on any "wait list" so that isnt something they did with everyone, and you still may be offered a spot if some people who were accepted dont attend. Hang in there you can do it!

    danigirls3- I am not 100% sure on the class schedule but i know it is monday through thursday at least half the day (includes clinicals) for just nursing courses. I am finishing up my couple pre reqs i have left this summer at usm so i will only be doing nursing classes as well. They advise you not to work even if you are only doing nursing classes as it is still a TON of work.. I would say if you can get away with it DONT work.. or you may jeopardize your grades, but if you have to then i guess you have to... where do you live?
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    I live in Auburn but i work in the Portland area. i only work 3 days a week. I can change my schedule at work to accomodate school but i was hoping not to have to.
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    Quote from danigirls3
    I live in Auburn but i work in the Portland area. i only work 3 days a week. I can change my schedule at work to accomodate school but i was hoping not to have to.
    I guess its really just up to you and what you think you can handle.. I wouldn't dare try working and going to nursing school just because I have known people who have tried and failed miserably. I am not saying it isn't possible, but I am sure it makes it much more difficult. Maybe you should just test it out for the first few weeks of the semester and see how you handle it, and if you want to continue working through nursing school?
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    Quote from danigirls3
    I live in Auburn but i work in the Portland area. i only work 3 days a week. I can change my schedule at work to accomodate school but i was hoping not to have to.

    Im in the Fall 2011 class myself....super excited, look forward to meeting you.


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