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DON's I need your help. I need help developing an effective wound care program at my facility. I currently have a wound care nurse who does all the wound measurements for pressure and non-pressure... Read More

  1. by   CrystalRN11
    I am in the role of ADON in my facility and one of my routine tasks is our Wounds. Every Monday I assess all of our Pressure Areas, including documenting, updating POCS, updating Dr/family if necessary, changing treatment if need be. Tuesdays I measure Surgical, Vascular Wounds and do the same for them. Anytime a new wound is found the floor nurses know they must call me to get started on it right away. I complete a weekly grid in Excel and review that with our IDT weekly. I give the MDS nurses copies so they can ensure they are reflecting accurately in their MDS. My facility consults with a Wound CNP, she visits weekly and I round with her. She sees patients biweekly and more often if needed. I call her as needed to get treatment orders for new wounds. I started this program in December, our in house acquired was 11.48% and was 0% until this week. We had three discovered this week I need at least three days a week to fully devote to Wounds to get it done thoroughly. I also have several other responsibilities but this is one of the main ones. I am not sure if you guys would be able to give her part of her hours doing wounds and the other two days on the floor?
  2. by   CrystalRN11
    Our floor nurses do bi weekly skin checks on Monday's and Thursday's, they have graphs with body diagrams to complete head to toe. Then our nursing assistants complete body diagrams three times a week with their showers. skilled residents are getting a head to toe daily at least, not for wound purposes though.