Tell me about your QA process

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    I do performance improvement plan (if indicated)
    Med Errors
    Infection Control (resident & Employee)
    Pressure Ulcers
    Survey Reporting
    Goals for the New Quarter
    What do you do?

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    Infection control and Wound care advancement is the primary QA, staff improvement initiatives. We do what I call "glass table" discussions where each month we pick a "system" and make it as transparent as possible (hence the glass table) between departments to gather input. Then we take the input to QA and see if anything needs change or if we should keep it as is. Usually it stays the same with maybe one change or an alteration to a form we use. It helps re-align us to our policy and procedure in case we deviate a little.
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    I do falls, skin tears, and bruises and any trends. Infection control resident and employees. We also discuss any new policies or anything new that we developed in our dept last quarter. We also discuss psychotropic meds tallied for the unit and if/any restraints. We also choose a resident to give a report on, particular one with current issues that may need a team effort in problem solving.
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    Nice ideas!
    My Pharmacist does the Psychotropic meds....I think I'll expand on that seeings how CMS is really pushing for the decrease.
    Thanks all!

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