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Hi, Looking for someone who has had a similar experience as my state's local aaa office nor the main office can help. I am the DON of a facility that reports absolutely everything that could even... Read More

  1. by   iluvmyjob55
    Wow! I truly am sorry that you have to deal with this. I'm a cna and my DON would never stand behind anyone. I wish all DON'S had your attitude, maybe then things would get better. Thanks! From one who "doesn't matter".
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  2. by   pnurse68
    Iluvmyjob, Thanks for the support! I am sorry you feel that way about your DON, but maybe she is supporting you in ways you are unaware of. No one at my facility other than my administrator has any idea that this has happened including the CNA assigned to the resident at the time of the event.

    I would not have discussed this openly had the allegation been against someone else, and I do not see the benefit to doing so in this case either.

    I go to bat for the nurses and the nurse aides routinely, without them ever realizing its happening, I consider that to be a big part of my job. Happy staff make happy residents.

    Please never refer to yourself as "one that dosen;t matter". Nurse aides are the backbone and the heart of every facility. Having started as a nurse aide, I still count those shifts as some of the most rewarding of my career.

    I have a CNA that works in my building who refers to his job not as assisting nurses (nursing assistant) but giving aide. I love that. What greater privilege than to give aide to those in need.