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I've been a nurse for 25 years and been in management for about 20 of those. I am amazed at the new nurses these days. We had to counsel a nurse for not doing her nursing summaries on time. I heard the way the ADNS spoke to her.... Read More

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    Since on the whole they were so troublesome, I think he has stopped this.

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    Have never seen a place where owners/admins have seen the light. They are intelligent enough to know what they are doing from the beginning and let their greed surmount their desire to provide a safe, comfortable home for the elderly who have to endure the ensuing problems.
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    In my humble opinion I believe that nurses behave this way because they've been allowed to get away with it - holding staff accountable is vital. Unfortunately most DNS are "afraid" because they can't afford to lose them. I am facing this very issue. The previous DNS was more worried about everyone liking her than what was best for the residents. As a result, an environment of tolerance and denial evolved. My dilemna is I am now left to "fix" these problems. The only person on the nursing management team is a loyalist to the former DNS. She is very much like the former DNS and want to be buds with CNA's who should have been fired months ago. She goes outside and takes multiple smoke breaks with them, "ignores" them goofing off, taking multiple breaks, and not giving good resident care. Also, the former DNS has allowed her to wear breast piercing that are visible, facial lip piercings and ear gages. This is what I am faced with. When new employees start I emphasis that facial and body piercings are not allowed, however their response is well the manager wears them. I know what I need to do, any suggestions on how I should approach this?
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    Even though i do no have the issues with piercings, i know of several facilities that allow them. If the rules were made "after" they were already sporting them... they are grandfathered in. As long as it does not get in the way (dangle) in their work... they are ok. Many residents find them fascinating and ask many questions of the employee starting a conversation and communication.
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    We may want to be careful about assuming that the food on the med cart meant that the nurse was eating as she passed meds. Some keep a couple of pkgs of cheese and crax or PB and crax on the cart for pts w/ low bld sugar. Another is known to keep the cheese crax in her pocket since she NEVER gets a lunch or a break and has to pop one in her mouth every couple hrs or she'll be the "fall risk" and the one "passed out on the floor" due to her "own bld sugar bottoming out!" Please don't say how she should take a break anyway or how it's illegal not to take a break. None of those comments are helpful, as she has 60+ pts by herself with 3 CNAs. Then she has to hear "are you still here?" Since she clocks out and returns to do her paperwork for 1-2 hrs. ' 'Just Saying
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    regarding the new grad that posted ouch that hurt a little bit!

    she's not talking about you, she's talking about the fluffernutters...they come in all ages from diva to princess to queen. silly!
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    Yeah, every nurse I have held "accountable", has given their resignation, woo-hoo! The plan worked, no just kidding, it is VERY frustrating. Some of these younger, new nurses seriously are quite unethical and have no qualms lieing, not doing parts of the job and signing for meds/treatments never given, must less opened. Confronted one, at first she lied, then they said "Well, I just didn't have time.". Period. It took MORE time to lie and NOT do it, then simply do it.

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