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    We just finished our annual survey. We are still a traditional state, and they spent 4 days in our facility. We came out OK- infection control and heights are our two concerns. I will take it in the scheme of things as I know we are not perfect, nor do I even attempt to be.

    My question is this- you obtain a height on a resident at admission and then the following year with their annual assessment. When you obtain the later height you find that it is off by a few inches (for example 3 inches shorter). What procedures do you have in place to fix this? You cant make them grow the 3 inches- so do you follow a guideline sort of like weights. For example, if the weight is off 5 pounds we have the LPN verify the weight immediately. If it is still off 5 pounds we notify the unit manager and dietitian. In this situation you can adjust calories and fluid requirements and implement interventions for the weight. I am assuming if I re-verify the height and accept the new height as correct, I would complete a significant correction on the previous MDS heights?

    Do most get their heights on the evening shift with the resident laying in bed? Do you complete with each comprehensive MDS or do you only complete it a the beginning of the year?

    Thanks- I am curious...
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    Wow...I've seen tags on not getting an admission height but never an annual. We only measure people on admission and it's never been a problem. I'm guessing you would do a remeasure if the number was more than an inch different. And since there really is nothing we can do about the loss of height.....I'll be curious to hear more if you get cited on this.
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    We didn't used to measure again either after the admission height was obtained. When MDS 3.0 came into effect the dietician was asking us to do so. It is part of the RAI manual in section K 0200 that states "for subsequent assessments(after the admission/re-admission) if the last height recorded was more than one year ago, measure and record the resident's height again". UGH....but now it is setting us up for those folks that we have measured for the first time in years and the height is off.

    I am curious too as to the citation it will be.
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    I'm only 57 and I've already lost 1/2 an inch in height! Can they prove any harm or bad outcome? Probably not.
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    Well citation is in- we did get cited for F 0226 on accuracy of heights. Scope and Severity- D. On with the POC. I guess if that's the worst they could find I should be happy, it's just irritating.