DON Interview...Advice needed!

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    Hi all! I have been in the management field for the past 4 years. My primary background was working in a supervisory role at a managed care organization, leading the teams of social worker's and RN's. I have also been a program director for group homes, and as such, managed unlicensed personnel. I have extensive experience in writing policies and procedures, working with "the state," marketing, and managing staff issues...However, my only LTC experience was years ago as a CNA. Anyway, I applied for a DON job, and have an interview on Monday. I'm so excited, but am not quite sure where to begin. I have reviewed Wisconsin CMS guidelines, PASSAR stuff, and the last survey. What info should I all be armed with to go in there and make a good impression? Thank you all in advance!


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    Wow......I'm impressed with your experience and would hire you in a heartbeat. Frankly, the only thing I think you're missing here is a working knowledge of the MDS/RAI processes, and that stuff can be learned. Go in there Monday and hold your head high, you are MORE than qualified. Best of luck!
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    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement!!!
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