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I have been accepted into the online LPN to RN program at the University of Rio Grande in Ohio. If anyone is attending or is going to please share your thoughts and tips with me. I have no idea... Read More

  1. by   tainted1972
    Just wanted to update my progress.
    I graduated!!!!!! It was a long hard road but I did it. The exit HESI was a bear!!
    I am currently waiting for my ATT from the board of nursing.
    My advice to anyone who wants to go through this program... Do it with a friend or get to know other students. You cannot do this without the support of other students! You will go crazy if you try to do it alone.
    If you fail... Do NOT ever give up.
  2. by   dsomday
    MJM, I am also from the Dayton area and was looking into this program. Did you decide to go with Rio, and if so, can you share your experiences with their program? Did you have to drive very far? THanks for any info you can give.