Undecided about online schools for LPN TO RN BSN

  1. Help, I am sooo undecided about what online school I should choose. I hear good and bad things about Excelsior, The College Network, and Indiana State University Online Nursing Programs. Then some of the schools have connections to Excelsior, hear that's bad too. I am a full time LPN, married and have 3 kids. So physically attending a school is not an option for me. So if I could hear from current or former students of these schools, that would help me out. If there r any other schools that anyone knows of for this program, I'm all ears.
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  3. by   nursetabitha
    There's a community college in my area that has an online LPN to RN bridge. It's the Lower Columbia College in Longview, WA. They do require some pre reqs though and you still have to go to the campus once or twice a month. Maybe call around to any local colleges you have and see if they have any online bridge programs that are similar.
  4. by   JustBeachyNurse
    The college network is NOT an online nursing school. It is a publishing company that creates 'customized' study guides for online and distance study programs (not just nursing). They finance through a private bank and your inability to complete the program does not impact your financial obligation to the College Network or their bank. Though some of the "advisors"/sales reps imply otherwise, the college network are in no way affiliated with Excelsior and have no authority to advise you on admission to Excelsior... http://www.excelsior.edu/about-test-...ation-services Indiana State University does partner with the college network for study guides however you are not required to contract with TCN to enroll in ISU's LPN to BSN program. Excelsior's program is a test out of coursework then complete a 3 da, minimum 3 patient clinical demonstration at the end. Also Excelsior's degree is not accepted for initial licensure in several states and not accepted for initial licensure or endorsement in other states (California is one). Good luck with whatever you decide, but I would strongly suggest getting your program information directly from the school admissions office or nursing program office rather than a third party or information clearinghouse.
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    Thanks for the information. This is very helpful. I am considering going through Indiana U.
  6. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Quote from 1mommy03
    Thanks for the information. This is very helpful. I am considering going through Indiana U.
    Good Luck. Also, ,make certain that whichever program you choose will permit you t be eligible for licensure, I know that Indiana has a specific program for CA residents to ensure the coursework meets the BRN's educational requirements
  7. by   Mariacookies
    I was taking on-line courses towards an Associates in Science Degree
    when I lost my husband from Cancer. I want to finish my degree and
    fufill my dreams of being a Nurse. My daughter is still young so on-line
    while I"m working would be great.

    I need help in finding "if any" on-line school to study Nursing is their any out there.
    I see a lot of LPN to RN tracks but what about on-line Degree in Nursing with the
    Associate Degree? Can anyone give me any feedback on a good on-line course for
    an RN Associate Degree.

    I'm currently enrolled in Ocean County but they don't have an on-line Nursing
    Program just their in-house program. Is it better to be in-house for this type
    of program or does anyone have experience in this area of on-line Nursing.?
    I would appreciate any feedback.