Temple College LVN to RN 2014 - page 3

Hey all!!! Just wondering if there were any other LVN's in Central Tx that will be applying to next years ADN program at TC? Or if anyone bridged recently that can give me some advice? I am... Read More

  1. by   mz32
    Thanks summer that gives me comfort to know that we don't have to worry a lot going into it thinking that it is so hard. Yea people make it seem like it is the hardest thing like you just said but in reality it is not. I am gathering my immunizations records together then getting my physical next week sometime. I am a big procrastinator but not this time I cant do that and risk my spot. its a chance of a lifetime.
  2. by   mz32
    Don't be scared girl like summer said you being already a cna, you will breeze through it. I was a cna too and it helped me so much in nursing school its like you have leverage because a lot of people coming in the lvn program do not have medical experience.
  3. by   summerblessing
    I am so OCD. I got my physical this past Tuesday, and made copies of all my shot records. Everything is sitting on my counter just waiting on my blue card.
    I get anxious if I don't have things in order a certain way, so I had to get my stuff together. Even though I know everything is in there, I keep going back and rereading the letter and instructions to see if I missed anything. ha. This is awful!
  4. by   AngPartridge3
    Dont worry, me too lol, yet im procrastinating writing this essay due tue!!! Lol
  5. by   mz32
    Summer I hear you. I had to read my acceptance letter like five times last Saturday when I got it so I hear you don't feel like you are the only one that has OCD Lol. When did you get your letter? mine was dated the 7th and I got it on the 8th. I honestly did not think I was going to get in even with a good GPA. I think it has not sunk in yet But it will.
  6. by   summerblessing
    I got it Saturday too! It still feels so surreal! After my amazing friend Jordan got her "alternate" email on Thursday, then the rest of the people got their denial emails Friday, I knew I had made it, cuz I didn't get either of those.
    I am ready to get this started! Come on April 15 so we know our schedule!
  7. by   AngPartridge3
    Yes, come on April 15 so I know when were going to be able to have lunches together (hopefully- fingers crossed lol) I have a gap between classes 12:10 and 1 on Mondays and Thursdays lol Doesnt seem like much time haha, Cant wait till yall have everything sorted out
  8. by   mz32
    I agree summer I am eager to find out what my schedule will be like too so I can change my current work schedule to accommodate my school schedule. Either way it will work out. We have one class and clinical for summer one, and one class and clinicals for summer two. The heavy load is fall and spring. Do you know what classes temple will accept as elective/fine arts or humaties. I don't have that one so to lessen my load I am planning to take it online at ACC or Temple in the summer so I don't have so much to deal with it in the fall. I am currently in a pharm class at ACC because the pharm I took in my lvn program was two credit plus a two credit dosage class and ACC told me theirs is a three credit so I decided to just take it coz I didn't think temple was going to take me girl.
  9. by   mz32
    Angpatridge I cant wait to meet you guys on the 15th. it will be a fun year. It will go by quick you wont even realize it.
  10. by   summerblessing
    I took Intro to Humanities. It was super easy.
  11. by   AngPartridge3
    I took it at CTC..easiest A ever lol