TEAS Exam - Help!

  1. Hey guys need your advice. I am an LVN getting ready to take the TEAS to get into the bridge probram. I have been studying the TEAS study guide since December and will take the TEAS in the next few weeks. But I just took the online TEAS exam and only scored 69%. Now I am worried I will not pass the real TEAS exam. The online test was only 100 questions and I know the real one is 170. So I'm hoping I can do better on the real test. But I am bummed to say the least. I thought I would score better. All I can think to do is just review, review, review. The science portion with all the rock science and physics is what got me. Anyone else do poorly on the online version but pass the TEAS????? Our school only requires a 67% overall to pass but I am so close to that I am now scared. I am 50 years old and don't have time to not pass this thing. I am hoping to get into the program in June. I do get extra time because I have DSS but still worried. Some people have said the test is not as bad as the study guide. Any suggestions or advice would be very appreciated. Thanks all.
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  3. by   melby
    I am an LPN working toward my BSN. I took the TEAS a few months ago and didn't have any trouble with the test at all. I used only the study guide and my score was well above the required % for my program...I got my acceptance a few weeks ago.

    Keep studying the book. I found the test to be very similar to the questions in the guide. Just take your time on the test and try to answer every question.

    Good luck!
  4. by   MimismomRN
    Thanks for your support. Just found out I passed!!!!! 85.9%. Thank you Lord. Bridge Program here I come June 2008.
  5. by   Daytonite
    There is really good basic science review information in several areas of high school science and chemistry on the New York Regent's Exam prep site