Starting a 2 year program January 2013

  1. I just got accepted into a 2 year RN program. Ive been working as an LPN for almost 3 years on a sub-acute rehab unit. Any tips?When I went to LPN school, I really don't work. I will be working .5 during RN school2 days one week3 days the nextSchool is 3 days a week. Thank you in advanceKimy
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    I am not sure why, most of my spaces and punctuation disappeared.
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    Congrats on getting into your 2 year program I am trying to get into a school also I am a LVN and its been hard trying to find a bridge program in Texas because it is so competitive. And I have had several friends attempt excelsior and fail the clinical check off and where out of lots of money. if you get any tips let me know... because i will have to work while attaining my degree also.
  5. by   Kimynurse
    I'm excited and nervous at the same time.
    I will be going to school full time 14 credits and work part time about 24 hrs a week.

    I will keep you posted

    Good luck