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Ok so i just graduated and got my LVN license. I am looking to jump right into a bridge program so i can get my RN. A person i met told me about a program in Los Angeles that her daughter attends. The schools name is Shepherd... Read More

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    Just so your aware this is the sister college of Oikos University which had that shooting recently. They are not the most reputable of schools and I would research the bejesus out it before I made a decision. Mainly I would be worried about reputation.
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    My daughter's friend Graduated in that school recently. Her Advice is Don't ever try to register or enrol in that school. The school is not accredited and does not have any qualified instructors except for one or two in the LPN program who were not working with them anymore. Do not waste your money! She is pursuing her RN in different school.
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    I would be wary of this school if I were you. I've been a teacher here at Shepherd for some time now and it is all kinds of shady. My department was recently reviewed for accreditation and it did not go well. The official reasons were "failure to disclose such and such information, etc", but really it was because of the flat out lies presented to the inspectors about what the school has to offer. I do not work for the nursing department, but I can tell you that the head of MY department was fired for trying to give students a refund. She was escorted bodily from the premises and has yet to collect her salary from the last two months. As I write this, a rumor is going around that the president plans to fire all the teachers in our department and close it indefinitely.

    In the past, they have tried to not pay us, claiming that the school had no money. The next day we would all refuse to come in, and paychecks would magically appear for us. All of our checks come from different banks and say "deposit only" on them.

    Our papers are constantly being tampered with or lost by senior management. One time, senior management sent back our attendance rosters and asked us to replace all the A's (for "absent") with P's (for "present") to make it look like we had a much higher attendance rate than we actually did. We refused, but somehow our real attendance rosters always seem to wind up "missing" after we submit them. I also wouldn't trust any claim of a "greater than 90% passing rate" as most of my students are currently failing all their classes. A few students live with members of senior management and are thus able to stay in the program.

    My immediate boss' husband fell ill recently and was hospitalized. She wanted to go see him in the hospital, but senior management hinted that if she left, she would not be allowed back. Her husband died soon after and she left for a period of mourning for which senior management also tried to dock her pay. She has been in and out of the hospital herself due to her loss, erratic blood pressure and the stress that this place has caused her.

    There is little to no signage out front to inform potential students that the place is even a school. An armed guard who speaks NO English stops and checks each car as it comes in. I work there and I have a little sticker for my car, but I get stopped every single morning. They also have three very ragged and hungry looking dogs chained up in the back for "security." Each time I check, their water bowls are empty. Me and the other teachers usually get water from a nearby gas station and fill up the bowls.

    All in all, I would stay away from this place. If the nursing department is anything like my department, then "shady" doesn't even come close to describing it.