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Ok so i just graduated and got my LVN license. I am looking to jump right into a bridge program so i can get my RN. A person i met told me about a program in Los Angeles that her daughter attends. The schools name is Shepherd... Read More

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    Quote from NesNat
    I went to talk to them and they said that I need to take pre-req courses in Fall which will cost me a total of 12000 and then I will be able to start the nursing courses in Spring, but that's IF I get accepted, which is according to the counselor is 50/50 chance. SO then I have to spend 12000 taking all these pre-req in addition to the old pre-req I took. I already took Anat/Phys, Micro, Chem, but now have to take Music Appreciation, Biology, Role Transition, and 3 others, a total of 6 courses and pay 12000 in hopes that MAYBE I get accepted for the actual program in Spring. Do not have a good feeling about this. Is there anyone who has been through this and got accepted for the actual nursing program or someone who got denied after doing all this work and spending all this money??????? Please let me know your opinion. THanks
    I think they want to get $12,000 from you. Music appreciation is not a prerequisite to nursing. Any other courses of a general ed variety can be taken while in nursing courses. Not necessary for admission. How do they feel about you taking music appreciation from a local cc and transferring it in, for less money spent? That is the answer to your question.

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    two pre-req: Health assessment and role transition must be taken with them - just those two equal 9000, the other 4 courses (extra $3000) can be taken at local CC, but they said schedule wise better take all other there. And I dont mind spending that money if I know for sure I will continue and be accepted to the actual program. Did you go to Shepherd?
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    No, I have considered Shepherd but it is at the bottom of my list based on what I have read here. There are better options out there, to include waiting on regular community college programs. They are a second tier option for those who can afford it as I see it.
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    Do you know any other schools which will accept students without waiting list, besides Shepherd and West Coast Univ ?
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    Western Governors University does not use a waiting list. They just did their selection for the August cohort. I believe they have another cohort starting in October. At only $4250 tuition every six months, they are an economical alternative to obtaining a BSN.
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    First of all I do not recommended this school !!!!! bcs i was student before.
    School staff and students are almost Koreans. If you are not Korean, it is difficult to communicate with them.
    If you are really study of Nursing (lectures and skills etc.) and not waste money and time,
    I suggested that you should look for other school.
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    I go to that school for LVN now
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    It is sad that people make judgements based on hearsays or bad experience. Just think about this, going to private school is expensive. I am a graduate of private school for my ADN and MSN. So when you are planning to choose for a particular nursing school, don't based your judgement on what you read on some of the post. Do your own research.
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    where is this school?
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    I am looking into this school also. The tuition is about half of West Coast University, which I am also looking into. But so far, their biggest con for ME is that they do not offer any financial aid or assistance. However, you can pay per semester but must be paid by the end of each semester. I read pages back from a poster here that if you fail to pay the price of that semester in full by the end, then you may be set back and not go forward to the next semester. This is very bad. But I will find out more information once I meet with an advisor next Monday.

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