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Scholarships for LPN's becoming RN's

  1. 0 Good evening all,
    I was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of any scholarships available for LPN's enrolled in bridge program's to become RN's. I can find hundreds for LPN to BSN but I'm currently enrolled in an ADN program. Any advice or pointers would be appreciated, thanks!!
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    What state are you in some hospitals or schools have scholarships...
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    I would like to find out too. I live in Illinois.
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    Tylenol is sponsoring a $10,000 (I believe) scholarship right now. Google Tylenol scholarship and see what you get. And hurry, I think the deadline is approaching. I applied a few days ago. There are 2 short essays involved. Hope that helps some! It's the only one I know of and I've researched extensively. : /
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    I recently applied for this scholarship, did anybody recieve or know someone that did? 10,000 is a lot of money as well as 5000. This would be such a lifesaver for me right now. For the people that live in illinois, I think the deadline is over but next year check into HRSA scholarship ( nationwide) and the Illinois Department of Public Health is offering one as well. I don't know if you live in chicago or close by but, Little Company of Mary Hospital in Evergreen Park, IL is offering a scholarship up to 5000 for tuition with a 1 year service agreement. Check it out. Sorry for the late post, I just came across this page.
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    I am a LPN trying to get my RN too.... I am enrolled w/ Excelsior, and even bought into The College Networks materials to make it easier..? Lol... I am now looking into bridge programs too, as teaching myself Biology, etc., has proven to be much harder than thought.... I too could use any scholarship info anybody might have. I live in Oregon... I am maxed on my loans & grants as I wasted all my funding getting through EMS in hopes of a future w/ fire.... I used what was left to obtain my LPN & a lot of my credits that expire (A&P, etc) I will also have to re-do.... Money is an issue and we have already spent $$ trying to get the online way to work. It is SO hard with a family and working myself... Can anyone help w/ advice? how did you get yourself started & committed & especially with a family & a job??? If I had the funding, I would move to Boise for 11 months & bride through Carrington College... or if there were scholarships to help alleviate the costs.... I just don't know what to do... what I do know is I WANT MY RN....
    HELP? Please....
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    oh, my email is
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    Damn, why didn't I know about this on time. O' well next year! ThankU so much for sharing such valuable info Adri! God bless!