RN Bridge program ?

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    Hi you guys i really need help. Im looking into lpn to rn bridge program but it has been hard for me to find a school.

    I need you guys opinion i heard about and I did some research about the online rnbridgeprogram.com for LPN to RN which can take form 7 months to a year. Has anyone heard about that school? Is it accredited ? It sounds perfect for me but Im not sure if is too good to be true.

    Look forward to anyone's opinion. Thanks

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    In my opinion I really would not do an online program. A lot of them are very expensive and kinda shady. We had a lady come into our class about it and our professor definitely did not recommend it. Plus, a lot of hospitals look down on it and say that the RNs from those programs are not adequately prepared to be nurses when they are finished.
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    I have seen some hospitals that are recruiting for RN internship programs say that they will not accept applications from graduates of online schools. My understanding is that RN licensure requires a certain number of clinical hours of direct patient care, and supervised lab instruction/theory. It is important to graduate from an accredited school of nursing. You could check with your State Board of Registered Nursing as to the status of online schools.
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    ok thank you so much

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