Question for those in NU's LVN-->BSN program!!

  1. I am looking to start my pre-reqs at National University in California and then apply to their nursing program..I know its a long wait list, etc.. I am a god student so I have high hopes I'll make it in eventually. The rep told me, however, that once I make it to their Nursing Program- its full time pretty much? I dont think I could ever not work and just go to school as much as I would love to.. I just have too many bills.. that being said - is anyone actually in the NURSING PART of the program, and if so is it really FT? what are the hours like? whats a normal week like, class hour wise?? I want to see if it would be doable to work a little too while doing the nursing portion.. (this is for the Fresno, San Diego, and LA nursing campuses....) thanks!! =)
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  3. by   I<3Cardiac
    I am applying to the program in January, and once you attend the pre-nursing forum some of these questions will be answered.

    Ultimately, you have to realize two things...

    1- You are in school learning to help and possibly save human being's lives... We all have bills, I have 4 kids who always have their hands out. I must work be the BEST nursing student I can be, and if we are poor for two years then so be it!! Until I get my license, my job is just being an amazing student...

    2- With school, clinicals, and studying for 80+ hours PER WEEK you will not have any time for a job!! What little spare time you may have will be used to sleep. You will be LUCKY to see kids, hubby or even the dog while you are in the program...

    I dont mean to say these things to scare you, but many people think that the BSN program will just be a cakewalk with weekends and holidays off... On the contrary... We will be doing either clinicals or class for each of those...

    Good luck! Take some time to get your bills in order and check into scholarships and school loans. It is doable!!

    Best wishes,