Pratt County Community College Online LPN-ADN 2013 summer start date

  1. I was just excepted into the Summer start date of Pratt County Community College online LPN - ADN program. I am really nervous because there is not a lot of information available about the acutal program and the schedule and flow of the program.
    I am wondering if anyone can give me more information about this.

    Also did anyone else get in to this class?

    Thank you !
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  3. by   Nurse Adams
    I too was accepted into the summer program. I am looking forward to orientation on June 10th
  4. by   msnoetteall
    I will be in the next class behind you, 1more prerequisite good luck to all...
  5. by   __CArn
    Hey lmudlr,
    Was wondering how you liked the program so far? I just applied to the winter 2014 start date. I'm really anxious about me getting in or not. Crossing my fingers !
  6. by   __CArn
    Thank you for the response. I however did get accepted into Pratt. I reside in California and also got accepted into a veryy respectable Lvn-Rn bridge at the local cc. I'm excited that I got into the one where I currently live. Thank you for the response about Pratt, much appreciated .
  7. by   lvnreadyforrn
    Hi M.mata1990,

    Do you plan on relocating? I'm asking because you will not be able to take the NCLEX in California if you go that school. Not trying to deter you from going just wondering. I am also in CA and if the program has to be accredited with state board in order to obtain license here.
  8. by   Ddestiny
    I was accepted to the Pratt CC summer 2013 Hybrid lpn to RN but dropped the program before it began. It was set to start June 10 but by June 1st we still had NO information being given to us. We knew we had 10 times where we had class at Pratt then 18 clinical days but we had NO idea when or where other than that first day June 10. I needed to know this stuff in advance. honestly I had heard so much about Hutch CC's online program's flexibility and assumed incorrectly that Pratt would be similar. The class arrangement is weird -- each class is only 6 weeks and a couple overlap so you take 12+ hours during summer but very few hours (I'm thinking less than 6 because I was concerned about financial aid) for the fall. Your fall semester is done in early October.
    Moral of the story? Unless you have an extremely Flexible PT work schedule and live close to Pratt, don't bother. I'm very excited to start Hutch CC's online LPN to RN program in December! If you'd like info I'd be more than happy to tell you about the school.