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  1. 2 Just took the Adult Med/Surg exam and the Mental Health exam today. Passed Adult. Did not pass Mental Health, however, I was very close. You must receive a 70% to pass at OU, but it varies university to university. I'm very dissapointed I didn't pass mental health because I thought I was doing pretty darn good considering I've never been a psych nurse. But no, I failed. We only have 2 chances to pass. If I don't pass the next time, I can say goodbye to the bridge program. You can still do a traditional BSN, but le'ts admit, I'm applying to the bridge program for a reason. So the pressure is ON. I will be taking mental health/OB/Child in Feburary. Lord help me.
    I spoke with the testing administrator afterward and she informed me that it is very common for nurses to fail mental health/OB/child...."That's encouraging" I thought. lol.
    I think it would serve everyone well if we had some type of resource or thread here that was mainly NLN ACE I and II, so that everyone may pass on their experiences and suggestions. I recommend this because there is basically nothing to glean from except the suggestions from your university. OU told me to study an NCLEX book and had a broad outline of diseases to study. But, I believe it could be narrowed down even further if everyone shares our experiences. I see lots of threads like this one put up, yet nobody answers. So, please, if you have taken the ACE exams (either I or II), please please share your experience!!! Also, please state whether I or II because they are vastly different in difficulty I hear. ACE I is for LPNs wanting an ADN. ACE II is for LPNs/RNs wanting a BSN.
  2. Poll: If you passed the ACE exams, what study material did you use?

    • Nursing Made Incredibly Easy

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    • Saunders NCLEX RN

      50.00% 4
    • ATI books

      12.50% 1
    • I didn't study

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    • I didn't pass

      25.00% 2
    • Another resource (please comment)

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    In the same boat! Not sure what the heck to study… been studying rn nclex and ati books. That exam was so difficult and when I took it the 9 ppl taking it that day ALL failed the child portion, some of them were taking for the second(and last) time. I am hoping and praying they lower the pass grade! Lol seriously tho, I wonder how many people pass those test and are able to enter the program. No matter how much I study I don't feel prepared, because I felt prepared the first time I took it and it kicked me in the butt
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    I'm using ATI and Mosby. Did you ever pass? What should i study? Thanks! Im taking it at the end of this month.
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    If you go to (whatever the website is) there are practice exams available. They are $5 per practice exam and they are 50 questions each. I also purchased an NLN study guide book that helped me. It is published my Mometrix Media. It has a yellow cover with a black band across the front that says "SECRETS" in the band. I will try to find the link and post it.
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    Here is the a link to the book I purchased. I shopped around and found it for $50, direct from Mometrix because I got the ebook/pdf version
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    That's what I'm using for the ace 1 lpn to rn ace exam. The mometrix book I mean. Did it help you a lot shannon1126?
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    It had a lot of information in it, some of it def helped. I would say that the practice tests, any nclex-rn questions and reviewing their rationales helped more
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    Okay thanks!
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    HI! I am wondering if you ever re-took your tests. I am taking 3 of the 4 (minus Adult) next month and was wondering if it is comparable to NCLEX test. Thank you