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NLN ACE exams

  1. 0 Has anyone taken this test recently and what was your experience? The school am looking at is out of state and offers the exam, but I was wondering if I couldn't just find somewhere local to take it. Oh and what's the diff. between ACE 1 and ACE II? Thanks a bunch!
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    ace i is nln challenge exam. it is med surg questions. ace 2 is nln ob and peds challenge exam. i took the ace 1, study nclex books especially the kaplan book. it has questions about safety, lab values, abg, diet. it is set up like nclex. i made an 88 on my test. i would not have passed without studying. there is a science to taking nursing tests. good luck!!!
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    Yes I recently took this test and mine was on nursing foundations and I found it to be on it and the info kajunscrap gave was right I took the ACE I and that book really helped me hopes this helps.
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    has anyone takenthe ace test recently ? does anyone have any useful tips or resourses they have used? are there any practice tests for the ace lpn to rn? what can i expect?:chuckle
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    Where do you take the ace exam and about how much does it cost?
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    Quote from dneicy319
    Where do you take the ace exam and about how much does it cost?
    We set ours up through school. I'm taking mine in January and I need to find a way to start preparing.