Need Some Advice on Credit Challenging

  1. I am currently completing my lvn program with 1 term left to go. I was looking into attending El Camino College to pursue my ADN. I need help with deciding which credits to challenge. The courses I have a chance to challenge are:

    semester II:
    Nursing 155- Health Assessment
    Nursing 156- Advanced Nursing Pharmacology

    semester III:
    Nursing 250- Intermediate Nursing Process and the Family
    Nursing 253- Intermediate Nursing Process II

    semster IV:
    Nursing 254- Advanced nursing process
    Nursing 255- Advanced Nursing process II

    I would appreciate any information that can be given!
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  3. by   NamasteNurse
    I'm in the same boat. I think you could pass the 100 levels with studying. My school provides study guides, ask if yours does. The 200 level will be much more challenging, I'm surprised they allow you to challenge. If it's free, you might as well try. The only drawback in my school is you can only get a C on a challenge and they use a point system for admission into nursing. So lots to consider. Best of luck...