LVN to RN student HELP!

  1. OK...I recently attended Excelsior college on-line I have completed all nursing course except my clinical exam...I went to the exam amd everything left my brain and I failed. I'm to afraid to retake the exam and do not want to. I would rather go to a campus to complete clinicals.
    Does anyone know how i can do this without going to another school for another 1-2 years? Is there maybe a hospital based clinical program or something else? I do better with hands on training.
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Do you mean that you want to transfer your exam credits from Excelsior to another brick & mortar school so that you can complete the tradtional in person clinical rotations?

    If so, this may be difficult as generally the clinical component is done concurrently with the classroom component. (i.e. Maternal Child health clinical and classroom are taken in the same semester). Most schools do not permit transfers into their nursing programs as while the overall content is pretty standard the order of classes and scheduling is unique to each program. You cannot generally just transfer to a school for the clinical component of your education. While some schools will accept ECE's for credit, other schools will not.

    Have you considered taking one of the in person clinical review courses to better prepare you to resit the CPNE?

    Your could contact nursing schools in your area that have an LPN to RN transition program to determine what options are available. But I doubt you will find a program that will permit you to just complete the clinical component of an ASN program, but if you don't ask the answer will definitely be no.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.