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Has anyone applied to this years lvn to rn program in Lemoore?... Read More

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    The anticipation is killing me!

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    Me too!! I actually started thinking about what in the world I might do if I don't get in :/
    It's driving me nuts, but trying my best to stay positive. Any idea of when they let applicants know? I've been thinking April, but that's just a guess...
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    Me too! I'm thinking like the end of April.... Feels like a lifetime!
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    I just got the call!!!' I'm in!!!!
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    YAY!!!! Congratulations

    I just got the call about 10 minutes ago, I'm in too!! So excited and relieved!
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    Yaaaaay! Awesome! Do you have Facebook?
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    you guys are talking about the lvn-rn program that’s startingsummer of 2012 right? i’m totally new to this site and i don’t see a year onthe comments. does anybody know somebody who has been in the program? or knowanything about what the schedule will be like or where the clinical sites willbe?

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    Yes, talking about the program starting this summer. As far as I know, most clinical sites are in Hanford but I can't say for sure if that's the only place they will be. Will you be starting the program too??
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    yes i will also be starting the program this summer, haveyou also passed the teas test or will you be taking it?
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    Awesome! I look forward to meeting you

    I took the TEAS in January, so luckily I don't have to worry about it anymore.

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