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i will be finishing the lvn program in october 2009, i'm going to continue my education and become an rn. i found out that the uop has a program for lpn to bsn, has any one here attended this program or one like it? if so what... Read More

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    UofP is one of the for profit online learning institutions that is under investigation for having very low graduation rates and dishonest sales reps. It is very very very expensive and they are more interested in getting your money than about giving you a quality nursing education. They do not have tenured faculty and pay their instructors very poorly. Go to a community state college...its much cheaper. What you do pay goes to the faculty and for resources for the university, not a bunch of businessmen who want to get rich who run UofP.
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    not sure about your facts on this HazelLPN, as an alumni of U of P on campus..not ONLINE nursing program at Phoenix AZ. I had all Masters to Doctorate level professors and was very confident in their ability to provide me with what I paid for. I was challenged in the program and still had a 3.7 GPA. I completed the program in under 3yrs. I would have waited 2yrs just to get into a local community college and still only had my ADN. I am a proud graduate and would not do it differently. Just my
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    Quote from NICUrn2B
    ive been on the waitlist for 7 months... still waiting really want to start......
    have you started yet?
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    I have been an LVN/LPN for 24 years now. I have 14 months until I complete my degree( Sept 1,2010)!! UOP 'recommends' a base of knowledge before you begin the LPN to BSN RN program. They evaulate any college credits you have and set up a curriculum to attain your degree. It takes 3 years for most LPNs. It is very demanding. You have class one nite/week for 4 hours so you cover 15 weeks in 5 weeks. Some nursing classes will even be 7 weeks of class. You will do lots of research and homework. Lots of people work 30-40 hours plus class and clinicals w/ some classes. If you are serious about attending, I recommend buying HESI exam study guides, Pren-hall study guides, Mosby, Kaplan, NCLEX RN. Critical thinking skills are crucial. think about and good luck!!
    Hi, how long it took you before you graduated?