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  1. Hello. I am new to allnurses.com. I am hoping someone can help me since I am about ready to go crazy! I live in Chicago and I am a distance education student through Indiana State University (they have an LPN-BSN program). Anyway, I only have 4 clinical courses left and I am unable to get a clinical rotation set up! IL law requires an MSN-RN prepared nurse to be my preceptor to "sign-off" on my skills and requirements. HOwever, it is VERY hard to get a hospital to agree to these terms and let me do my 90 hr medsurg rotation with one of their MSN-RN's as my preceptor. I have called many places in the Chicago area and keep getting the same response. "That we can't accommodate." The problem that most hospitals are having is the fact that ISU isn't providing a faculty member for me. I am able to do my clinicals with any staff nurse, but a MSN must be my preceptor. I am almost going to need to take an incomplete for the course but I don't see how I can complete this in the future! My last semester site can no longer "Accommodate me," either and they told me this one week prior to this semester starting. I have 3 yrs experience in a doctor's office and just under one year in a nursing home. I have no contacts at any hospital and it seems like no one wants to help me. I am hoping someone here can advise. Oh ya, I also called me LPN school, neighbors, teachers, the doctor's I work for, and no one can get things going for me! Help! I am a straight A student, a very hard worker and I want nothing more than to get my BSN-RN. I am so close I can taste it, yet there always seems to be road blocks! Help!
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    Hello, and welcome!

    My only suggestion is to find a rural downstate hospital that would be willing to help you out. They might be more receptive to your needs. This might involve a great deal of legwork, searching, and commuting on your part, but I'm assured that there's a hospital out there with a MSN who would be willing to precept you for the med/surg rotation.

    Good luck to you!