LPN-RN ONLINE.Has anyone attended Medical prep Institute of Tampa bay?

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    Just loooking for someone who has attended or knows information regarding this LPN-RN Online program. Next class starts November 2014, it's online and in order to fufill clinical hours one has to travel to tampa bay(Florida) once a month(fri-sun). Doesn't sound bad at all to me but cant find much information about this school on this website nor on theirs.

    Any thought would be apprecited
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    It isn't a school. I would pass on that. Try to find a traditional program. They prepare you to challenge tests.
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    There's a red flag right there. If you can't find much information on their website I wouldn't go there.
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    hi am interested in that school too but don't know anybody who school there, am trying to get in Jan where do u live? I live in Tx
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    There are other options than that school. What about a community college or Excelsior?
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    IT'S NOT A COLLEGE. Check out Excelsior College, it is an accredited college of nursing. You can download their nursing catalog and it tells you all about the program. You might have to register, but you can do that without enrolling.

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