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Anybody applying to their lvn-rn online program for 2013? Anybody take heir online nutrition class? Just lookin for se insight. Thanks... Read More

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    Quote from dlammons
    I am starting the program Jan. 7 and live in Abilene TX. Excited but nervous about the program and unsure about how the clinicals will work. Looking for study buddies and any advice welcome. My email is

    I live in Abilene, too! I started in Sept but you can email me @

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    Quote from txnurse728
    Just got my acceptance letter to start January 7th, 2013, nervous. I'm looking for anyone who has taken the computer class and wondering if all the books are needed for this class especially intro to computer, brief edition with cd.
    txnurse728, You have to have the workbook. I think it is Word, not sure. The other book is needed also. I didn't use the cd as I rented and rentals generally don't come with cd but that was not an issue. If you know apa format then you don't need that book. My wife knew apa so that book is still shrink wrapped. The computer class is hard and could easily be 8 weeks. Start the exercises today and start learning to make two power point presentations. You can email me at and I might can tell you which exercises to do? Russell Roach
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    Thanks for the input. I should have received the books by this today saturday by ups or first thing monday morning. I cant afford to get behind on anything cause I am one busy woman. I will definetely email you for assistance. thanks again.
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    Good morning,
    I reviewed my Word last night and sent a couple of emails. If you got the book you can do maybe the first couple of concepts review or review concepts. You will know it when you see it. If you know how to make powerpoint presentations that is great as you have to make 2 powerp's during the course. You can utilize youtube for tips to ppoint.
    I am at the hospital, working. I do have computer time at both of my jobs.
    Russell Roach
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    Quote from LVNstudent
    I got my acceptance letter this week -- hooray! Will be starting Jan. 7. Can't wait to get through it. I live in Arlington/Fort Worth area. Anyone else starting in January?
    Hi I'm in I live in Rockwall
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    I got accepted, but I do not currently work as an LVN, do all of yall work?
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    I will complete the program on March 24th. I will be happy to mentor anyone who is in the program. I tried to join the FB page noted above and it states that it is closed. If you have questions do not hesitate to ask. I will check back each evening.
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    I am in the program right is really challenging....taking VCE and 1423....getting ready to have my first exam tomorrow in 1423....any suggestions? Also, any suggestions on doing care plans....I submitted my first one back but haven't received a grade yet....really nervous about all this and working 50 hours plus a week doesn't help, not to mention taking care of my family, but I am sure I'm not the only one!! Thanks for any help/input you can give.
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    Hi are you in my set? I've start this month at Lamar State. Have questions about clinicals as well. Please let me know any info you might now concerning clinicals. Thanks
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    Hi I would love any info that can help me successfully through this program. Started this month, finishing up ITSC 1371. It's pretty easy.. are you in the Houstn area? where did you complete your clinicals? contact me at Thanks so much.

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