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Anybody applying to their lvn-rn online program for 2013? Anybody take heir online nutrition class? Just lookin for se insight. Thanks... Read More

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    Hi I would love any info that can help me successfully through this program. Started this month, finishing up ITSC 1371. It's pretty easy.. are you in the Houstn area? where did you complete your clinicals? contact me at Thanks so much.
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    I too began class in jan.7 what do you think of the computer class
    thank god we are in the last week
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    Quote from ryeus
    I too began class in jan.7 what do you think of the computer class
    thank god we are in the last week
    The class was so easy
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    Hi, eturner7

    How far along is your husband??
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    Good luck to your individual classes. I am on my last phase of school. Nursing Jurisprudence and NCLEX review. School ends March 24. Can't wait. May 10 graduation. Already received my cap and gown. Studying for HESI.
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    Am currently in the program. I would appreciate it if you can mentor me. I finished the 1260 and 1423. 1260 was very challenging for me, any help would really be appreciated.
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    I believe we are in the same group. How was your 1260
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    anyone in RNSG 2514. I failed the class just cant seem to pass the exams...any tips.
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    Quote from mrswilburn
    hello i start next month is there any advice you can give me on how to study?
    hi i was congrats on your success with completing your courses towards your rn i would like to talk with you about the way the online course are done
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