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Anybody applying to their lvn-rn online program for 2013? Anybody take heir online nutrition class? Just lookin for se insight. Thanks... Read More

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    Good morning to you. I don't remember what the letter said but it was clear I was acccepted. The computer class was very hard for me. Our hospital IT lady had to help me some as I am not a computer person. My suggestion is to start doing the exercises today. Computers is a five week course and could easily have been an eight week course. Purchase your workbook immediately and I will tell you what exercises to do. I don't remember any exams just projects that counted as exams. I am sure it will be the same book as Jan 7 is the last cohort until further notice so dedicate and focus. Later I can tell you about the Health Assessment class. Again, get that workbook also and start filling it out. Assessment does have exams but several resources to study/review. I can't tell you about Patho because I took it earlier so as not to have two classes at once. My email is
    Russell Roach

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    Quote from LVNstudent
    I got my acceptance letter this week -- hooray! Will be starting Jan. 7. Can't wait to get through it. I live in Arlington/Fort Worth area. Anyone else starting in January?
    Hi I start in Jan also. Need a study buddy. Are you up for one??
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    The December 2013 graduating class have an awesome study group in DFW area. Really looking for study buddy or a group so we could help push each other to the end as well. I heard the program is a tough but doable. Please contact me at if you serious ;-)
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    Not sure you meant to respond to me. I am already in the program. I live in Odessa. I might can help you tho.
    Russell Roach
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    Did you get your letter yet? Where do we get our books from ? How do we take test? If you get a chance , pls give some feed back
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    Quote from bozman
    Did you get your letter yet? Where do we get our books from ? How do we take test? If you get a chance , pls give some feed back
    My husband is currently in the program. You can order you books from anywhere. I would suggest shopping around for the books. You view the books that you need for each class at the bookstore Lamar State College - Port Arthur Official Bookstore | Textbooks, Rentals, College Apparel . You will need the course number to look up the classes.

    All of the tests are online. Some are proctored. The proctored exams are through a company called proctoru Online Proctoring - ProctorU : Real People. Real Proctoring. . The cost is $25 per proctored tests.
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    I am starting the program Jan. 7 and live in Abilene TX. Excited but nervous about the program and unsure about how the clinicals will work. Looking for study buddies and any advice welcome. My email is
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    Not to worry about the clinicals as it is not even discussed for many months out. Hopefully you have some time off coming? 144 hrs clinicals in five weeks twice. That comes out like this 24, 36, 24, 36, 24. You can't be on the clock. That is 288 total hours. When my clinicals come I will have about 275 hours of pto/ppl. I am not sure my part time job will be very accommodating and may just lose that job? You start with the computer class and that was very hard for me. I live in Odessa and work in Odessa and Crane. I suggest you get in the workbook and start doing the exercises today just to get a little ahead. Start planning your two powerpoint presentations.
    Russell Roach
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    Just got my acceptance letter to start January 7th, 2013, nervous. I'm looking for anyone who has taken the computer class and wondering if all the books are needed for this class especially intro to computer, brief edition with cd.
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    Hi, I just got my acceptance letter too, I start Jan 7 also!!! I live in Victoria, but if you wanna swap emails any help will help....I just want to succeed.

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