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Any one in this program? I am looking it to it as it is the cheapest option I have found... Seems a lot like excelsior with the exception on clinicals (how do they do them?)????... Read More

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    The site said take1-2classes recommended. The classes R five weeks long. there are 2/3classes that R 8weeks long. The classes are fives wk on 1week off. I spoke with a advisor, recently clinicals must be done with your employer, preceptor must be Rn. Guessing that only allowed to that one preceptor. Computer class no more the 4 yrs old. Sciences have no expiration. The I would like to ask a few more questions myself, readyto start trying to get clinical preceptor and facility on board. Do you know of anymore online sites that could provide more info on this particular program. I've searched and havent. Found much guessing that because it's still new.. I just want to ask a student who has done the program. Admission process and how to go about getting employer more info about clinicals etc so they will be able more willing to to say yes. I can do clinicals there.

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    I applied to the online program for this summer. Ready to start and get it done. I spent time asking the needed questions about the program, clinicals, spoke with the director personally. Just have be self disciplined dedicated and motivated! I'm ready!
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    Quote from CBJ123
    \Also if your required to do clinical in labor delivery obgyn and ur work place doesn't have this available at their facility. Then what? Also is this work at your own pace.
    You don't have to do clinicals in a specialty area. I'm doing all my clinicals in ICU.

    As far as "work at your own pace", you have assignments due every week, so no, not really. The tests that you have to take are usually open for 24 hours, so you need to take them during that time.
    And as far as the clinical are concerned, you have to do 24 hours every week and then turn in the associated assignments at the end of the week.
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    Ty for info. I applied and received letter of transcript evaluation, just waiting for letter of acceptance, hopefully iget in.
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    Quote from Rasmauryn
    its accrd. by TBON, N its not yet a yr old.. im planning to join in fall this yia. thou i want 2 gather more info bout if any one is 2. i just wanna make the rite choice since il b paying from my pocket, they dont offer fin. aid...
    The way I understand it, if they are not eligible for financial aid, then they are not accredited. Or vice versa I should say.
    Regional Accreditation vs. National Accreditation : Guide to Online Education -

    If they are accredited, they may not handle the submission of finanical aid paperwork for you but you may be able to submit the paperwork yourself (if you're up to dealing with that burden).

    I HIGHLY doubt that a program that is less than 1 year old is accredited yet.
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    Anybody who have taken nclex having completed from this school? How was hesi and what happens if you dont pass it.
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    I am from the area that this school(lamar state college-port arthur) is located in. They are a typical community college that has a Lvn and lvn-rn program. The program that you guys are interested in, is online and for students that do not live near the school(I believe 100miles or so). So the college's programs that they have been offering for several yrs are accredited and the Lamar state college-orange(the one I went to)is a highly respected college in my area. So with this program that you guys are interested in, only being a yr old, is with a school that has an accredited program the have taught locally for quite some time and I would recommend the college d/t personal affiliation with students who have graduated locally.
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    Quote from vekema
    Anybody who have taken nclex having completed from this school? How was hesi and what happens if you dont pass it.
    I have 2 more months left in the program, I'll graduate in May!

    You have to take 2 HESI tests. I took the first one 2 weeks ago. You get a conversion score that equals a percentage, e.g. my HESI score was a 1072, which converted to 93.98%, meaning I get a 94 for that test. The first HESI test is worth 30% and the second one is worth 70%. This is the grade for your nursing review class (RNSG 2230). I used an NCLEX-RN review book and a HURST review (a friend gave me her notes) to study.
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    Thanks guyz for your feedback I think it is time for me to start this bridge. Congratz Sonja 77 for passing your hesi I hear this is what kicks most students tails from graduating. Goodluck.
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    Sonja77Hey I got accepted into the program for April. I was wondering if you were interested in saling any of your textbooks. Looking to buy some. Also are there courses where I need to buy new books? Any other suggestions on certain drug guides, study books. Also how are the case studies.
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