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Any one in this program? I am looking it to it as it is the cheapest option I have found... Seems a lot like excelsior with the exception on clinicals (how do they do them?)????... Read More

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    Quote from averysmommy
    I am about to start the program in the spring, I want to make sure it is a degree....and we will receive an Associate Degree in Nursing??
    After completing the program, you will get an Associate degree, not in nursing but an Associate in Applied Science degree (AAS). As long as you pass the NCLEX-RN and have your license, it is just as good as an ADN. Universities accept it and so do employers!

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    Quote from arlel58
    I found this school Kennedy Global Schools offering LVN Program at first for number years already their graduates are already NCLEX Passers I verified it myself to Texas Board verification on line. Since Texas is one of the compact state and it is a legit school. Talked to one of their LVN graduate and already passed Texas NCLEX and she is currently doing the LVN-ADNe Bridge program. Check their website Kennedy Global Schools. I spoke to one of the education director and she sent me their curriculum 4quarters total first three quarters is on line direct, the last quarter you be doing your clinicals where the school is located. I am suppose to start the program with Lamar by January 9 and I am considering this Kennedy school as well. Good luck. Keep in touch. My email address This is a year program you guys..checked it yourself...
    I searched this school and it's located in the Philippines, no even in the U.S. It's accredited with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).
    Still not in the U.S. Unless it's not the same school us posted.
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    I'll be starting the program in their Jan.9 class..hope to see u in d discussion boards..Good luck...
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    hello nmfd,,im sure youre alomost finish with your lamar rn program,,how is it so far pls.give me some input,,will be starting class Jan.9 best regards
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    Quote from arlel58
    I'll be starting the program in their Jan.9 class..hope to see u in d discussion boards..Good luck...

    I start the program in Jan (Spring 2012). Looking for study partners in the Tyler, TX location. Interested?
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    congrats,,were on thesame boat..but im in houston area..good luck n keep in touch
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    Hello Arlel 58,
    Well I was supposed to graduate in Febuary, but I had to postpone. I took the summer off, because I had to retake my computer class, since it was 4 years old. I also hadn't taken Nutrition, so I took that during the summer. I came back in August to continue on to Med surg. That was a very hard class. I think some students tend to fail that one the most, from the whole program. I didn't fail it, but you have to study alot for it. I'm taking my clinicals in January. You have to complete 24 hours a week. They told me clinicals are only done in your current job. For those of you who state that your job won't allow you to do clinicals at your job, I would inquire more about this before starting the program. I asked if I could do my clinical at a Hospital even thought I work in home health. They said no, only allowed to do clinicals in my current job. So luckily my boss said that she would be my preceptor. From my understanding you shadow your preceptor in your clinical. I spoke to an RN who graduated from lamar and she stated the homework does not stop during clinicals. They give you a lot of homework. You also have to do 16 hours of volunteer service to different places with different missions, like homeless shelters. For example for the first clinical you have to do 4 hours in one place, and 4 hours in a different place. The same thing goes for the second clinical class. So you volunteer for a total of 4 different places for a total of 16 hours for both classes. I noticed some of you are looking to buy some of the books from those who started the program in April. I do know that they changed the books after those who started in April. I know this because during the second Med Surg class which I took in October, some students failed the class, and the teacher sent out a memo saying they had to buy the new book. Therefore the people taking Med Surg after us will not be using the same book. Over all, I don't know how the clinical will go, but I have learned alot in this school. You have to read alot and study alot to learn the information, to pass their tests. However they don't review the test afterwards so you don't know what you missed and should review. My personal tip is after you take the test if you can remember some of the questions go back and review them, because you don't really have a review after the test.
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    starting class this week. I'm, kind of nervous.
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    Hello arlel58 I see that you have started Lamar state university lvn-Rn online nursing program. I am interested in learning more details about the program. I'm not to far from Tyler, how would I go about checking on getting my employer to allow the me to perform the required clinicals at their facility. And also if there were any other facilities affiliated with the college. Also if your required to do clinical in labor delivery obgyn and ur work place doesn't have this available at their facility. Then what? Also is this work at your own pace.
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    Hey guys. I have a question about this program.

    I noticed on the website that there are a total of 11 classes broken up into 4 different sections. My question is, do you take more than 1 class at a time? I'm asking because if you break down the classes into the 4 different sections, it would only take approx 26 weeks to finish the program, but that would be taking full-time.

    Is it possible?

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