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Any one in this program? I am looking it to it as it is the cheapest option I have found... Seems a lot like excelsior with the exception on clinicals (how do they do them?)????... Read More

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    OK....yall I just found out I got accepted for September's class! Yay! Anyone how has material or books that they would like to sell, please contact me! I'm also looking for a study group/partners! P.S. We all need to work together!

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    I'm starting in september as well, for as books I have been looking on amazon & ebay. Hit me up for study partner.
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    I'm trying to figure out how you find a preceptor for this program and how clinicals are handled?! Is the preceptor someone you work with already?
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    My current employer set mine up, So I don't have to look for one.
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    Congrads!!!! I'm so excited for u and thx for reaching out. I'm happy we can work together to achieve our goals. 
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    I will be starting the Lamar Port Arthur LVN to RN online program in sept. My employer does not do the preceptor program. I am looking for a company in the north west part of Houston that does. Does anyone have any suggestion? Thanks and good luck.
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    Hello everyone, I'm new to this site... I see lots of talk about the Lamar Port Arthur program, and am happy to say I start in Sep. Was wanting to see if anyone from Weatherford was also going this route... It would be nice to have a buddy
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    Hi everyone, New to this site. I am currently enrolled in the program, start clinical in mid-Sept. I have books for sale, let me know if your interested. I will say to all the people fixing to start, this is a very fast paced program. Lots of homework and you have to be dedicated to study on your own. email me if you need to.
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    I found out today that I also got in for September. I live in Arlington and would love a study buddy! I also read that THEY are getting our clinical sites and precepters is that not correct?
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    Hey I am in tyler and I got my job set up for my clinicals. I start in september as well. Good luck.

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