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Any one in this program? I am looking it to it as it is the cheapest option I have found... Seems a lot like excelsior with the exception on clinicals (how do they do them?)????... Read More

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    Quote from bozman
    Can anyone tell me what to expect when I take Health Assessment????? Speaking to those who have taken it!
    There are 4 tests. Start looking for a RN with a BSN. You will need one for the final assignment, an Integrated Physical Assessment. You must have an RN BSN for this assignment. The RN BSN signs off on the assessment and emails the professor. There are weekly assignments. This class requires a scanner.
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    Quote from mrllangston
    I just found out today that I am in the program starting September 17! They could not locate my last transcript. Lol. I am so excited! I live in Greenville. Is there anyone close? It's about 50 miles east of Dallas.Hope to "see" you all soon! Michelle
    You still in the program thanks
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    Hello, Anyone have info on a new class starting later this year,hopefully?
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    I was told it would be a year
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    Just finished clinicals 2..ready for the last class jurisprudence and nclex review class from feb18-march 24. graduation may 10, 2013. can't wait. good luck to all co lvn's
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    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I take my final exam tomorrow in RNSG 2514 can you pleeaaaase give me some advice??? Pleeeaaaaaase!!!! Thanks in Advance! Be Blessed

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    Can you break down the clinical process to me please? What exactly does it consist of? I'm about to start RNSG 2514. I like to look ahead at the whole picture and kinda get an idea on what to expect as several others do on here.
    I've gotten a job opportunity offered that consists of a "charge nurse" position at an assisted living facility. Sooooo basically I will be overseeing my shift Fri-Mon. I'm torn on whether to take this position d/t clinicals requiring an RN/BSN.
    Congratulations on your accomplishments!!!
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    Quote from arlel58
    Just finished clinicals 2..ready for the last class jurisprudence and nclex review class from feb18-march 24. graduation may 10, 2013. can't wait. good luck to all co lvn's
    Hey arlel58!
    Congrats on basically finishing the program! I am new to this site. I am currently in the Lamar clinicals 1. How hard was it for you getting through the clinicals portion? I want to know all I can so I know what to expect for the next couple of months. I will be graduating in August! Any advise would be appreciated!
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    Hello arlel58! I am currently take 2514 at lamarpa and is having difficulties with study strategies for tests. Any suggestions? Is there things I need to focus more on like, for example, presentation attachments etc?

    Quote from arlel58
    Everybody has been quiet lately eh. I am sure we are all busy studying. I just finished and passed my RNSG 2535 with an A. 93.69%. I am so excited about my next class RNSG 2361 Clinical training. Last day of class March 24, 2011. Can't wait to graduate. May 13, 2013 graduation day. I hope by then I already passed HESI n NCLEX. Good luck to all my colleagues in the lower class.You'll gonna make it through.Aim high and always be assertive in your studies. Read lots of rationales pertaining to your subject matter.Exposed yourself to lots of practice nclex questions and always take note of the destructors. There are always two wrong answers.The two are almost thesame pick up the best using maslow's and abc's. Good luck to you guys..

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    I received my acceptance letter to the Nursing program so excited!!! Clinicals here I come in Setptember !!! I am in Ny not Lamar obviously new to this posting thing ! Hope posted in the right place.
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    Hello Nitalpn,

    Sorry my response is o late, but I was just wondering how is the program going for you?
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    Handbook of Patient Teaching Mosby 978-0-323-03208-7
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    Nursing Diagnosis Handbook Mosby 978-0-323-07150-5
    Publication Manual of the APA APA 978-1-4338-0562-2
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    Physical Examination & Health Assessment Saunders 978-1-4160-3243-4
    Nursing Skills for a Concept-Based Approach to Learning Pearson 978-0-558-35687-3
    Nursing A Concept-Based Approach to Learning Vol. 2 Pearson 978-0-13-510351-7
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    Has anyone graduated from this program?