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Any one in this program? I am looking it to it as it is the cheapest option I have found... Seems a lot like excelsior with the exception on clinicals (how do they do them?)????... Read More

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    Vma 71, Not sure who you intended this post for? I found this book at This book was not at any sites I searched over the weekend. I did find it at bookbyte on Tuesday. Hopefully the books are on my doorstep before Monday! I don't think I found this book at
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    I just found out today that I am in the program starting September 17! They could not locate my last transcript. Lol. I am so excited! I live in Greenville. Is there anyone close? It's about 50 miles east of Dallas.Hope to "see" you all soon! Michelle
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    1busymaniam, thanks for the information. I will check it out. This is the only book that I could not find.
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    Ok, here on the floor working. Concise apa 6th edition can be found on for those without a book or wanting condensed version. Boring reading I must say...... Russell
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    mrllangston, Hope you faxed them a copy or the college emailed them a copy stat?
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    $0 balance at Lamar State! Means the check cleared. Books to arrive on Saturday and Monday per the tracking #'s. Hopefully it doesn't rain tonight and I can play basketball?
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    Anyone starting Sept. 17 having trouble logging on blackboard? Whenever I click on log in it takes me back to the previous screen.
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    Im in emory. Already in th program.
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    Pretty Woman at 0900, A League of Their Own at noon and the Cowboys play at 3pm and this is the floor I hate! Guess I'll try to log in to BlackBoard or whatever it is prior to Monday. Good day to all... Russell
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    Where is Emory? Yes, I have read your posts for months. Hope the program has been good to you!

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