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Any one in this program? I am looking it to it as it is the cheapest option I have found... Seems a lot like excelsior with the exception on clinicals (how do they do them?)????... Read More

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    I am in Odessa and Crane. I have read that there is a Facebook about us? I don't do Facebook tho.
    Good luck........ Russell Roach

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    Good luck BreBre..I also lived in Houston,,but almost to finish the program.March 24, 2013 our last day of school. Can't wait..
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    Hello BreBre
    I live in the Houston area and will b starting the program sept.17
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    Hi All! I have applied to Lamar State for the LVN-RN program online, also. I did receive my acceptance letter from the school itself, but not from the nursing, yet. I was hoping to start in September. I guess I will call them on Monday. I finished 4 classes this summer at our local community college just to get in to the program with all the pre-reqs. completed. Anyone in the DFW area?
    Good luck to all...
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    Mr. Langston,
    Do call them on Monday. I think they have many open slots available.
    Good luck......... Russell Roach
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    Hi Mellissa, How are you doing so far? I am taking Nutritent right now. I hope to start in January.How has the school been regarding giveing any help? Where do yo go if you have questions or concerns?My email is would love to hear how you are doing. I live in the Dallas area.
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    Bought/rented some books on Monday and Tuesday night. Hope they are all rec'd by the weekend. Probably asking too much. Yes all used books. Still have to pay for the class. Payday is tommorrow and Saturday. Got to get off to a fast start... Russell
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    Good luck to you...1busymaniam.. on your first nursing module..Take care..
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    Hello, I'm interested in the Computers: Understanding Technology ISBN 978-0-76383-731-0 if you still have it. How much do you want to sell it for?
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    what is required of a preceptor? and what as a student are you required to do in a clinical setting, is there a check off list?

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