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Any one in this program? I am looking it to it as it is the cheapest option I have found... Seems a lot like excelsior with the exception on clinicals (how do they do them?)????... Read More

  1. by   mrllangston
    Hi everyone! I was checking the textbook list to get the books for next classes & it's no longer on the Lamar website. Anyone make a copy? I thought the Patho said 5th Ed. The list I have says 4th Ed. Thanks for any help.
  2. by   1busymaniam
    Don't know why the list is not there? I remember it as being the 4th edition? I do have a list copied tho. Possibly they are evaluating texts and considering other books? My Patho was transferred/accepted and for that I am extremely grateful..... Russell Roach
  3. by   MsDionne
    The two courses prior to rnsg 1423 are easy just do your assignments on time
  4. by   vma71
    mrlangston, the list that I have for Patho says 5th edition.
  5. by   arlel58
    Hello gk922,
    Yeh I recommend Lamar Upward Mobility Nursing Program LVN-RN. Just to boost your spirits, I am finishing the program by March 24, 2013. I am currently taking RNSG 2535 Integrated Client Care Management (Medsurg Part 2) this module will end Oct. 21 then by October 29 I'll start my clinicals.for 5 weeks one week break and another 5 weeks for the second part of clinicals. It is a tough ride, You really need to have time to study and read the gazellion of chapter you're assigned to read. You are by your own reading those tons of chapter. Self discipline. We have academic coaches that guides u as well if u need help. Some are helpful some are dont. I never asked for help cuz I just read my assigned chapter and exposed my self to tons of rationales n nclex questions pertaining to the subject I am tested.
    Good luck to u. I have been there so u gonna make it too. I am not young enough to go to a tradional school. But doing good in this program. I amcurrently getting A's n B's so far. Thanks God for that.
    Good luck.
    arlel 58
  6. by   arlel58
    Made 95.45% on RNSG 2535. Thanks God for that. Second exam on Thursday Sept.27. I am hoping to get a better grade as well this coming exam. BEST OF all
    arlel 58
  7. by   mrllangston
    Hi! I live in Greenville. Started Sept.17. Whereabouts in Dallas do you live?
  8. by   abi2011
    hi, Ive applied for the program and just waiting for acceptance letter. Is it hard to get in the program? What books do you reccommend to start studying? I currently work for agency and Im very confused of how or when Im suppose to look for a place for clinicals. Can someone please answer these questions, I live in houston so anyone on the same boat or useful information, please respond.
  9. by   1busymaniam
    Hello abi2011,
    Abi, I can only suggest you log into lamar's chat line and chat with Judy. I say Judy as nobody else has ever responded. I would suggest you start looking for atleast a part-time job or secure a 26 week contract somewhere. The agency thing is going to complicate clinicals I do believe. You have to have stability for 90 days or so.
    No it is not hard to get into the program. Believe it or not, I think there are many more spots than there are applicants. Judy told me they could accept 160 applicants every cohort. My cohort has been in session for two weeks and 25 posters in an assignment? Review the BON records, much less than 160.
    Good luck to you........... Russell Roach
  10. by   arlel58
    Everybody has been quiet lately eh. I am sure we are all busy studying. I just finished and passed my RNSG 2535 with an A. 93.69%. I am so excited about my next class RNSG 2361 Clinical training. Last day of class March 24, 2011. Can't wait to graduate. May 13, 2013 graduation day. I hope by then I already passed HESI n NCLEX. Good luck to all my colleagues in the lower class.You'll gonna make it through.Aim high and always be assertive in your studies. Read lots of rationales pertaining to your subject matter.Exposed yourself to lots of practice nclex questions and always take note of the destructors. There are always two wrong answers.The two are almost thesame pick up the best using maslow's and abc's. Good luck to you guys..

  11. by   patience_care
    How are you studying for the HESI? I have a long way to go for that but I am just curious so when I get to where you are I will have some direction. I am going on to Patho and Health Assessment and I am nervous about having these two classes at the same time because I work full time. I will study every day if I have to though.
  12. by   arlel58
    There is a book by SAnders Evolve 3rd edition Hesi exit RN exam. I was told by previous test takers that this book helped them a lot. Also Hurst Review so I will look into that. I will order the book via amazon. Patho n Health Assessment are quite tough subjects together. U really need to spend lots of time reading the subject matter. Good luck to u. Keep in touch.
  13. by   smycolor
    Hey arlel58, I am in 2514 and having my final exam in the next 2 wk. Nervous as heck because I need to make at least 76 to pass. I am still struggling on the questions. I think when it comes down to it 2 of the questions are always right but getting the right one. I am trying to figure out what to study for this final and will the same questions be repeated. perfusion chapter is so looong to study all over again do you have any advise?