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Any one in this program? I am looking it to it as it is the cheapest option I have found... Seems a lot like excelsior with the exception on clinicals (how do they do them?)????... Read More

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    Iy u guys are flying you can stay at the la quinta if really you're serious about strategies to pass. Good luck. The website has a number to call for more info.

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    Which Nclex book do you suggest? Thank you for responding
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    Nice here at my PT job. On the computer answering Nclex ?'s at about 72-73%. Gotta do better than that. Did I read here that we have 80 seconds to answer test ?'s on our proctored exams? Start the computer class in two weeks. I've been needing to take a computer course. Should go ok as my wife can tutor me if needed. Good day...
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    Hello 1busymaniam,
    It depends if how many points is the exam. Normally it is 1 minutes and 25 seconds per question. U need to register with proctor U and select your own time and pay $25 per exams. Whe i took the computer class last January it was not proctored yet. But it is a doable class. One of the requirement in that class is u need to do a power point presentation plus other stuff that u need to be scanning to your coach. Good luck to you at least u have a "wifey" that is very willing to coach you. I am on rnsg 2535 next to 8 weeks away from clinicals. Can't wait to finish. last day og school March 24, 2013. Keep iin touch. arlel58
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    Hello SunShine35,
    I am using Saunders book latest edition the yellow color. Also I go to Barnes n Nobles and read some rationales to whatever module I am in to hve some mor practice. Finishing by March 24, 2013. Good luck to u.. Keep in touch.
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    Ok, Lamar students. I am currently getting ready to start my 2nd set of clinical. Yes I passed the first one. So I have already started studying for boards. The NCLEX questions that you will have to do eventually during the program is somewhat helpful. However I highly highly recommend that you purchase the KAPLAN NCLEX-RN study and review book. Do this while you are currently taking your regular classes and you will have a better insight on how to answer the test questions. If I had read this first, I would not have struggled like I did in the beginning. You must read it, don't just skim, I mean really read it. I got the book on Amazon for a reasonable price. I just decided to go ahead and start preparing myself, only if I had known sooner. Give it a try. GOOD LUCK!!!!
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    Katana, Thanks for the advise. I have been answering ?'s but with no particular reference book in mind. I will go to and see how Kaplan reads. Guess I should review the Saunders material also as I really want to have a good year +. Good luck to you and Arlel with clinicals. I am sure all of us are very effective clinically we just have to sharpen our test taking skills. Good day all...
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    I have read alot of good info on here. I am nervous about starting the computer class on the 17th. I will be coming back here for advice. So glad I found you all. Hope we have a fun and rewarding 15 months. My email is would like to get a study group together by email or text. I live in north Texas just south of Wichita Falls. Good luck to all.
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    Thanks katana, will do this!
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    Hello everyone. Is anyone starting the LVN-to RN Program Sept 17 2012 and living in the Houston area?

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