Lamar State College LVN to RN - page 16

Any one in this program? I am looking it to it as it is the cheapest option I have found... Seems a lot like excelsior with the exception on clinicals (how do they do them?)????... Read More

  1. by   1busymaniam
    $0 balance at Lamar State! Means the check cleared. Books to arrive on Saturday and Monday per the tracking #'s. Hopefully it doesn't rain tonight and I can play basketball?
  2. by   vma71
    Anyone starting Sept. 17 having trouble logging on blackboard? Whenever I click on log in it takes me back to the previous screen.
  3. by   CBJ123
    Im in emory. Already in th program.
  4. by   1busymaniam
    Pretty Woman at 0900, A League of Their Own at noon and the Cowboys play at 3pm and this is the floor I hate! Guess I'll try to log in to BlackBoard or whatever it is prior to Monday. Good day to all... Russell
  5. by   1busymaniam
    Where is Emory? Yes, I have read your posts for months. Hope the program has been good to you!
  6. by   patience_care
    Does anyone know if Patho or Health Assssment is hard? Those are the two classes you take after the computer class. I have already bought the books for all these classes but I am not concered about the computer class.
  7. by   arlel58
    A preceptor can be an ADN, or BSN. As far as check off list I hae not seen the paper works fro clinicals yet. I'll start my clinicals on Oct.29 yet but I'll let u know later. Take care. arlel58
  8. by   arlel58
    There is nothing hard as long as you study. I have been there before. So u can makae it. 5 more weeks to clinicals. I am in the part two of med surg rnsg 2535. keep in touch.
  9. by   arlel58
    Passed rnsg 2535 grade of 95.45% first exam. Words cannot express. Studying for the next one..good luck.
  10. by   vma71
    Please help! Class started today and I cant get in blackboard. Anybody else having this problem?
  11. by   mrllangston
    Hi CBJ123! How far are you in the program ? Any advice for us newbies? Good luck
  12. by   mrllangston
    I didn't have any problems with Blackboard. Maybe reboot your pc?
  13. by   vma71
    mrllangston, thanks for responding. I have tried on several computers. Is ther anything that has to be done on the orientation? When I click log in from that page it takes me back to the previous page.