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Any one in this program? I am looking it to it as it is the cheapest option I have found... Seems a lot like excelsior with the exception on clinicals (how do they do them?)????... Read More

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    Received my acceptance letter for september 17th class today! Anyone in the Dallas area, looking for a study buddy.

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    Hi tulip I'm in Rowlett. I'm starting in January
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    @plc19 Congrats, please feel free to contact me to partner up or for study groups .
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    Hello everyone. I currently have the two book needed for ITSC 1371 for sell if anyone is interested. Please message me. Thanks.
    Microsoft Word 2010: Medical Professional ISBN 978-538-74947-3
    Computers: Understanding Technology ISBN 978-0-76383-731-0
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    Since you are almost done can you give us information on the clinicals? Thanks-----Scott
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    Ok, I just finished 2535 and getting ready to start clinical on Aug 6. I must say there has been a couple bumps throughout, but I made it to clinical. So, two sets of clinical then the last two classes. I will tell you the required NCLEX gets harder every time you do them. Good luck to all.

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    Aug 1, 2012

    Hey you will pass it was touch and go for me, but I did pass it. How many test do you have to go or taken so far and how did you do on them. I am here to help.

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    what facilities are partnered with lamar state for clinicals. my place of employment is taking to long to decide if they will allow me to do mine there. so im looking for any input dallas, tyler longview whereever. willing to drive to new employment so i will able to complete my clinicals when it comes time next year.
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    My employer is partnered with Lamar, but it is for employees only. I work for one of the local hospitals in Tyler. Currently there is 4 of us doing the Lamar program, 3 of us will finish together and the other one is just a few weeks behind.
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    I understand that its employee only, wanting to apply to a hospital that was already partnered with lamar if possible.
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