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Any one in this program? I am looking it to it as it is the cheapest option I have found... Seems a lot like excelsior with the exception on clinicals (how do they do them?)????... Read More

  1. by   arlel58
    Hi Jesse, the program is very doable u just need to send lots of time reading gazellion of capters assigned every module you gonna be having. I am halfway through the program I am enrolled in RNSG 2535 it is the medsurg section continuation. My last day of class is March 24, 2013. After this class which ends on Oct.21. One week break and I'll start clinicals for five weeks and another 5 weeks for the clincals part two. The nursing test are like 75 to 80 questions and we take it via Proctor U independent company ired by Lamar to conduct thier exams. Per exam is $25 ussually per module has 3 exams and finals.They arer timed test 1 minute and 20 secs per question. Once u are in the nursing classess you need 3 major nursing books and they run by volumes. 1,2,3 I hope I answered all your querries. Good luck to nutrition. Keep in touch
  2. by   arlel58
    I just finished 2514. I agree with u it is tough class but thanks God I have made it through with flying colors. It is basically a medsurg part of the program and 2535 is the continuation of 2514 med surg part two. Which I am in currently in this class started today. till Oct. 21 then clinicals..yih hah..My advise is also read a lots of rationales pertaining to the module that you are in. Read read and read. Take advantage of the presentations in the modules as well. Good luck..
  3. by   arlel58
    If you have further advice for previous classes, email me for some suggestions.
  4. by   SunShine35
    Good evening! I am attending Lamar Port Arthur online and currently taking RNSG 1423 & 1260. Can someone please give me some guidance with these to classes. Especially 1423!
  5. by   melissa13160
    I started the program in April and I live in Lubbock.
  6. by   arlel58
    Those are tough classes. What I did just schemed the book, read the presentaions and expose myself to lots of nclex questions. I got A and B on those classes. I really spend lots of time.
    Keep in touch.
    Arlell 58
  7. by   CRAZY33
    Hello future RN's......I like the way THAT sounds!

    I also start the program Sep17th. I am freaking out a little for lack of "a plan". I received my letter with book list and calander of what? Have logged in and see that I am in class. I guess I'm very nervouse because not sure what to expect. I have been a LVN for 10yrs and when I was in school we didn't use blackboard or anything. I did take 2 classes over the summer so now I know how all that works. Alot of mixed messages on the board. I live in Midlothian- south of Dallas. I have been pricing the books and not going to order through the college at this point Barnes and Noble or Amazon cheaper. I to will want a study group when time comes so let me know if anyone interested in starting a DFW group. Good luck to all!!
  8. by   momkolton
    I am looking for study partners around the Dallas Area. Also, did anyone take out a private student loan for this? I am having issues finding a source that will for the college. I start Sept 17th...At this point I will just pay out of pocket I have been a nurse for two years and for the last year and a half a nurse manager. I also work in a LTC but it is a 264 bed facility so clinicals will not be an issue. There is another nurse in my facility that starts at that time also. If anyone has any suggestions or books they want to sell email me Good Luck everyone!
  9. by   momkolton
    Yes please email me
  10. by   arlel58
    You can rent at for the whole period of the class and return it after that's most of the student do or check at also an option.
  11. by   arlel58
    You can also rent your books at as an option. Don't worry computer is easy it's doable don't stress yourself where there is nothing to be stress about. Eveuthing will be explained as you go along through your module. I have been there and I am also not a computer genius,lol but I made it through. Im on class RNSG 2535 till Oct. 21 then clinicals 5 weeks each module. God's willing March 24, 2013 is my last day of school. Can't wait. Good luck to u Crazy 33..
  12. by   arlel58
    Anybody is on RNSG 2535? How did u do with your DB1 assignment on Metabolism. That was tough. Did my 2 responses to the DB postings. Now gettin ready studying for the first exams due Sept.13. Good luck to all my co fello RN's to be batch March 2013.
  13. by   arlel58
    Btw you guys on class rnsg 2535 can order now your name tags and patches for our clinical uniforms. By module 6 we need to submit a picture to lamar wearing our clinical uniforms. Yih huh...i'm sure ya'll are excited in this journey.good luck batch march 2013. Rn's to be. Get ready for the big hesi..i don't wanna think about it for now..