Holy Names LVN-BSN 2013 Summer

  1. 0 Hello all :-) I had a few questions regarding HNUs LVN/BSN program in Oakland. I interviewed this last Wednesday for the summer semester. I know it'll take a few weeks to hear back, but I wanted to know if anyone else interviewed for Summer 2013? If so, did you interview? How'd it go? Do you know when we will be notified of acceptance? Also, anyone in the program or graduated in December want to leave any input/advice?
    I'm planning on commuting( I know crazy) from the sacramento area. I'm wondering how often you have to go to class? A counselor told me I can try to modify my schedule to avoid multiple trips. Not sure how true that was! I'm commuting because programs here are limited, and I was screwed by TCN/ISU. I don't want to go the Carrington route because I'd like to have my BSN. Anywho! I'm rambling, so I apologize for all the questions. Thanks everyone! Have a good work/school week :-)
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    Hey, I had an interview too It went alright but mine went on longer than the person before me so...Anyways, the prof. said we'll get notified by phone or an acceptance letter by mail in about 2 weeks. As for classes, from what I got at the interview it seems like they're around 2-3 hours long but it's once or twice a week. Don't forget clinicals from Friday-Sunday. She also told me we can take 2 clinicals a semester if we want to finish faster. Also almost every class is available every semester (Huzzah!). I'm not too sure about the general education courses. Oh, and first semester we have to take Transitions to RN then we can try to test out of Foundations. Also we only have 2 chances to pass a class or be kicked out of the program...Yea, that's all I got.

    BTW, for the "statement" thing, how long was yours? I literally had like 2 sentences.
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    Hi guys. I am going to apply holy name 3/1 for summer program. Yeah.. it is very last minute. But i still need to get some of my documents together..how was interview go?? What do they ask you?
    Sorry for tons of questions ;( i am just a little bit stressed..hopefully, we all become classmates:-)
    Best wishes for you guys and wish me luck plz :-D
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    Hi guys. I am going to apply holy name 3/1 for summer program. Yeah.. it is very last minute. But i still need to get some of my documents together..how was interview ?What do they ask you?
    Sorry for tons of questions ;( i am just a little bit stressed..hopefully, we all become classmates:-)
    Best wishes for you guys and wish me luck plz
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    @JeLi, mine was short too! I wasn't sure what to write. I think I repeated myself twice in the 3 sentences I wrote! OMG, maybe you interviewed after me.....my interview was really short! Probably only 10 minutes? With generic questions. I'm so anxious now! Maybe we will be classmates I heard that about classes I guess I was just double checking :-) I'm hoping I was qualified enough. Only trade school but a good gpa.
    @dianakim, go for it! I applied late for spring, they just rolled my application over to summer. You may make it in! Never know unless you try :-) Interview was SO generic. Why holy names, where do you work, where do you want to be in the future etc. basically like a job interview. Hope that helps!
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    Btw, do you know what happens if we don't get admitted? Do we get to reapply? Thanks!
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    Just curious how long is your program? LVN-BSN ? I am from the east coast, but I see there are programs out there for that kind of transition, havent heard of any around the east coast.
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    It's 7 semseters. And it goes thru summer so about 2.5 years :-)
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    @thunderstruck1397--We are totally in the same boat, no LVN work experience whatsoever. I just got my license in January and when I told the prof that she was like "Wait, THIS January?" . As for not getting admitted, we'll have to go through the application process again for Fall 2013. Truth be told, I think it'll be more competitive in the fall since that's the typical college application time.

    @dianakim--Definitely apply. Interview questions everything thunderstruck1397 said. At the end she'll ask you to write a statement about how you'll pass the program. Don't worry, you can't do worse than my two sentences. Good luck!

    @mzmae--Adding to what thunderstruck1397 said, 7 semesters full-time without any transferable general education units. Just for the Holy Names LVN/BSN programs, all the classes are between 3pm-11pm and the clinicals are on the weekends
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    JeLi- I do have work experience, almost a year. But my interview was so short! And you don't need experience I think. I think they take new grad LVNs as much as seasoned ones. I'm sure it'll be way more competitive in the fall, hopefully we won't have to worry about it! I left them a message today trying to follow up. No return call. Let me know if you hear anything
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    I am applying for the Summer program as well and was wondering how long it takes to get the interview. I looked at my application page, and everything is posted but under the Interview is states "pending".

    I graduated in May of last year from LVN school, passed the NCLEX on the first try (thank you Jesus) in Sept. I just started working as a LVN this month for an agency that accepts new grads (Hands That Care Home Health) but have over 15 years of medical experience working as a Medical Assistant.

    I just pray I get into this program...I so desperately want to get my RN because there are so many more opportunities for new grad RN jobs out there. Trying to find a new grad LVN job is like pulling teeth..
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    Good luck in getting in! With your drive you will get into a program before you know it :-) My situation was a little different because I applied to spring and the differed me to summer. But I'm wondering if maybe the application pool is smaller for summer? If your app said is pending maybe they'll all you soon! And congrats on the job btw! HH will be great experience for you. May I ask how you looked up your application status? I didn't know we could do that. I'll be sending good thoughts your way for an interview!
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    Well it's the second week, has anyone heard anything? I know application deadline was Friday the 1st, but I'm just wondering if anyone has spoken to admissions or been accepted?

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