Going back to school to further my education! Any advice??

  1. Going back to school to further my education! Any advice??
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  3. by   DominicanNurse1123
    I am as well , I have 2 kids and decided to let them stay with their dad while I complete the RN program . I went through the LPN program as a single mom with a 3 and 4 year old and it was literally the worse year of my life . It did pay off in the end ... But I personally refuse to do nursing school again with my two kids even though they are much older because I know I just can not be the mother they need while I do the program . Next to that I follow " FlyLady" she is an organization expert , taking care of yourself ( eating healthy ) I'm actually joining weight watchers while I do the program to stay healthy because everyone I know gains like 15-30 pounds in the nursing program , removing negative people / distractions from your life , and prayer / positive thinking If your not religious Lastly I have a "NCLEX-RN review Incredibly Easy " it's great and very informative , I read a few pages each day to keep info fresh and I learn new things. Best Wishes!
  4. by   Ella26
    Congrats on furthering your education. I just finished my bridge program and it feels good! Yes it really sucked for a year, but it was worth it. I feel like I have more job oppurtunities. I agree with everything DominicanNurse1123 said, especially getting the distractions (if you have any) out of your life, because this will be just as time consuming if you want to succeed. Just give it your all and do your best to learn and you will be rewarded greatly by being able to write RN after your name. You will also have better job prospects.
  5. by   domo1127
    Thank you all for the advice!! I am a little more encouraged, I am also going to let my son live with my parents while I go through the bridge program. I'm so nervous but I do believe I can do it! Thanks again to all! & good luck to you all as well with futures & careers. Hope to speak to you all again!