Galen online LPN to RN in St. Petersburg, FL

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    I recently got accepted into Galen Online LPN to RN program for the April 15,2013 class I would really like to meet some of my classmates and potentially a study buddy.

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    How does this program work? Is it all online?
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    Galen is all online classes. Clinicals aren't until 3rd term. Clinicals and test are taken at the school. I have several friends that have checked into going there as did I but, I decided I would rather take the in class lectures (at a different school closer to home and fast-track)which should still be an option for [COLOR=#003366]diamondp17. You have to be very diligent, structured, and disciplined with very little life outside of your computer and studies to do this beginning as a new nursing student. Nursing is not easy and you have to remember when you are done whether you are a C student or an A student the person that you are taking care of is someone family member and it is you that literally holds their life in your hands.
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    I am in the 3rd quarter of the rn transition online program! It's intense! But worth it!
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    @junejames are you still able to work full time?
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    Quote from diamondp17
    @junejames are you still able to work full time?
    Yes I am still working full-time right, and taking care of my three children full time it's all about time management
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    Hey everyone! I am in the process of applying to the online bridge program as well. Would it be ok to ask a few questions?

    How hard is the PAX entrance exam? What is the minimum amount of questions needed to pass? I am horrible at math and it freaks me out. I rock at dimensional analysis though.
    I have all my general ed classes except Sociology,math and lit.... Would my class load be light enough to still work full time?
    Also if you took out student loans, was it enough to cover everything?
    Thank you in advance!
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    I am starting this program on October 3rd. I am also doing the LVN to RN online program but I am doing this in the San Antonio campus. My advisor told me that the hardest quarter is the 4th. I'm super excited and anxious about starting.
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    I inboxed you!
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    I am now in my third quarter and it is more intense but I also heard 4th quarter is the hardest quarter so I'm also trying to prepare myself for that. The bridge online LPN to RN is what I am currently taking and to be honest its really not online after because after the third quarter you will be up there on campus three or more times a week plus clinics on saturday.

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