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Hi, I am getting ready to start the LPN to RN program and am considering using RUE. Currently they have the "complete" package per module that consists of the workbook and a NEW book that they are... Read More

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    I am new to allnurses I too am looking at Rue, i actully talked to a lady yesterday about the 1dollar down, they have actual online classes for the nursing classes, i have already taken Health Safety, Chronicity and got a C on both of them, Im thinking I need more of a class structure and Rue offers a structure program, Life Span 1 starts on june 18th, I hate to wait that long but I want a decent GPA! lol Im so confused as to whats the best route because it seems chancellors would be appropriate too! I would love to hear from anybody who has tried Rue's actual online 8 week classes, or any tips on how to study, i have already tried the textbook route through excelsior, need more of a guided way of studying! Thanks a bunch!

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    Quote from lpnshortygurl
    Thank you all... i tried to use College Network before and they charged me thousands upon thousands of dollars and never even sent me any books or any information at all.. I hadn't heard a word from them in about a year and I thought maybe I didnt get approved or something.. Well now they call me constantly harrassing me for money and when I say I want to talk to someone who can tell me why I never got any services from them they just say nasty things like "learn how to pay your bills" and hang up on me.. I would NEVER EVER EVER EVER recommend college network.. They are AWFUL!!
    I am sorry to read this Erika. College Network has been good for me. I never have been spoken to rudely. I would be very upset if they were calling me about payment if I had never recieved any info! Did you try and contact them during the year you waited for info?
    I know an Excelsior RN-BSN grad who used RUE. She had no complaints.
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    Hi Bonnie,
    You used Chancelors' study guides alone with Excelsior did this make it easier to pass the exam.
    I am thinking about doing Excelsior and have been contacted by Chancelors and RUE. Both have told me about the study guides and their set up. They have also been honest and upfront regarding cost and that I still have to enroll at Excelsior and pay Excelsior for each exam. I just would like someone advice that did this also.

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