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Hello All, I am new to the community and was looking to communicate with others going through Excelsior. I graduated from LPN school in May and really wanted to take no more than a year to finish... Read More

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    I agree with Joseph. You may have to wait longer than you think for a CPNE date. I am scheduled for Albany April 13-15, 2012. I would print out the study guide and start reading it right away. You will have to memorize the Critical Elements, etc., and practice the Lab stations. I am 48 and have been an LPN since 1984. I have been studying every day without fail for the past 2 1/2 weeks. And I will continue to do so until my CPNE weekend. I wish you alot of success. I know you will do fine with your CPNE. If you want to email and or chat about the CPNE feel free to email me at: kidnurse1963@yahoo.com. Take care Terri

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    I thought I was to old to do this. Thanks to the post from the older people, I feel better. I finished lpn school at 53 and started working as a school nurse. I have the oppurtunity to advance this career if I get my rn. This post really encouraged me. Currently studing for chronicity and am finding it hard to focus. Any tips would be helpful.
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    Dont you worry about the cost of financing the RN program at this time in your life? Not to be rude but I too consider taking the program (and I have taken a few of the courses, but 27000.00 is a lot of money when you may still have kids that you are assisting through school. Just curious to know what your program will cost you.

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