Could someone explain the ladder system to me? - page 2

Hello Everyone, I could use some help on understanding this ladder system that a certain community college uses. Ok, one of the prereq's for being able to start the associates degree in nursing there... Read More

  1. by   shamrokks
    You are right. I don't get it either but if you aren't fresh out of high school with all of your sciences and math done then it will take approximately 4-5 semesters to get all of the prerequisites done for the ADN at most institutions that I've seen. The private programs that do not have them separated do not take as long but most "state colleges or universities" have the format of doing the classes before you are even accepted into the program.

    I am in the same boat.

    I am a LPN. I am enrolled pt now at my local college taking my AP2 lab. Next semester I will do microbiology lecture and lab. Then I will finally be done with ALL of the prerequisites.

    It's been a long road just to get to those last 3 semesters left of the LPN to RN bridge.
  2. by   Doeeex3
    Umm thats crazy. Here in florida theres and an LPN program that is 1 year. U dont have any prereqs and the. If u want to do lpn-rn bridge program u do your pre reqs for rn which are about only 8 classes then you apply to the program. The program is 18 months